Small Wars Journal

The November 2011 Army Irregular Warfare Fusion Cell Newsletter

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 2:30pm

The November 2011 Army Irregular Warfare Fusion Cell Newsletter is on the streets. Notable topics include:

  • Village Stability Operations/Afghan Local Police
  • FM3-24 Revision
  • Building Partner Capacity Update
  • Security Force Assistance Update

From the Director:

The more time I spend in this job, the more I am convinced that much is gained through the regular interaction between Special Operations Forces and General Purpose Forces. SOF operations in the BCT battle space achieve far greater effect when integrated with BCT, Battalion, and Company terrain-owning units. BCT capabilities for firepower, maneuver, communications, and command and control are formidable, and when combined or synchronized with the skill-sets and opportunities of OD-As, constitute an amazing counterterrorism antidote and also counterinsurgency magnifier. Two programs that continue to develop within SOF and GPFs are VSO/ALP and FET. I would appreciate hearing what you have to say about executing operations within these programs and others. Thanks for your service.

Colonel Chadwick W. Clark