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Spec Ops Launches ‘Secret Surrogate’ Missions in New Counter-terror Strategy

Spec Ops Launches ‘Secret Surrogate’ Missions in New Counter-terror Strategy by Kyle Rempfer - Military Times

U.S. counter-terrorism missions will soon place more emphasis on a little-known Pentagon program designed to help “surrogate forces,” rather than traditional allied units that are dependent on U.S. training, advice and assistance.


The shift comes as the Defense Department implements the 2018 National Defense Strategy, which prioritizes near-peer adversaries like China and Russia ahead of violent extremist organizations like the Islamic State.


“This evolving counter-terrorism [CT] operation construct will place even greater emphasis on successful programs, such as the 127 Echo program, which provides us viable surrogate forces designed to achieve U.S. CT objectives at relatively low cost in terms of resources and especially risk to our personnel,” Maj. Gen. James Hecker, vice director for operations from the joint staff, said during a congressional testimony Wednesday…

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This approach will also fail, because it is the same strategy, but simply swapping the means by using more surrogates and fewer U.S. troops.  Larsen hints at this in the article, if governments don't transform then extremism will continue to expand. It will never disappear, but a combination of good governance (we can't provide that for them) and competent security forces (part of good governance) will keep it in check. So we're still left with the problem on how to more effectively keep extremism in check, meaning manageable, in areas with poor governance.