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SIGAR to Release Inaugural Lessons Learned Report (Webcast)

SIGAR to Release Inaugural Lessons Learned Report

Tomorrow, September 14th, at 10:00 am EST, Inspector General John F. Sopko will speak at the release of SIGAR's first lessons learned report. The release will be held at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC. Access the live webcast or RSVP to attend the event here.

"Corruption in Conflict: Lessons from the U.S. Experience in Afghanistan," is the first in a series of lessons learned reports planned for issuance by SIGAR. The report examines how the U.S. government - primarily the Departments of Defense, State, Treasury, and Justice, and the U.S. Agency for International Development - understood the risks of corruption, how the U.S. response to corruption evolved, and the effectiveness of that response.  The report identifies lessons to inform U.S. policies and actions at the onset of and throughout a contingency operation and makes recommendations for both legislative and executive branch action. These lessons are relevant for ongoing efforts in Afghanistan, where the United States will remain engaged in coming years and continue to face the challenge of corruption. The United States may also participate in future efforts to rebuild other weak states emerging from protracted conflict. It is vital that anticorruption lessons from Afghanistan inform and improve these efforts.