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Police on the Run in Mexico

Note: Marcos Castellanos is located about 25 miles South East of Guadalajara in the state of Michoacán. One of the issues that exists in Mexico is that if the military is currently removed from its stability and support operations (SASO) no other governmental institution presently exists to fill the void. Quite likely citizen vigilante groups (militias/private armies) would step in. As it is these groups already appear to be on the rise. Further, attempts to assess the present situation in Mexico are increasingly obscured as we are starting to see a media blackout on reporting/data concerning the gang/cartel conflicts. This blackout is stemming from the policies of the newly elected PRI presidential administration.

Via Borderland Beat:

"For more than 48 hours armed men held the entire town of Marcos Castellanos hostage, killing two people and kidnapping a police officer. After the attack most of the police force resigned - poorly paid police throughout the country are often victims of the violence they themselves try to battle. Lack of training and equipment means they are no match for criminal gangs.”

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