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Poland Wants a U.S. Military Base

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 12:06am

Poland Wants a U.S. Military Base by Mariusz Blaszczak - Washington Times

Ever since Russia invaded Georgia a decade ago, the world has known the Kremlin will use its military to expand its influence.

Russia’s actions, including the continuing incursions in Ukraine, are seen as a long-term strategy to challenge stability and peace in Europe and the cohesion of the NATO alliance. Such a multidimensional threat requires a measured, comprehensive response. To start, the United States should accept Poland’s invitation to deploy U.S. troops and build a joint military base on its soil, a process for which Poland is ready to help foot the bill.

Although the United States and its NATO allies have increased military activities in Central and Eastern Europe, the West is still militarily vulnerable in the region. The Russian military has built up anti-access zones and increased forces next to Poland and the three Baltic states. These actions, made worse by vulnerable geography including the so-called Suwaki Gap, require a firm, long-term response.

Permanently stationing U.S. troops in Poland would be an effective deterrence against Russian incursion and would provide a vital strategic anchor for U.S. engagement in Europe’s currently volatile security environment. Permanent U.S. engagement, including an increase in assets on Polish territory, would be a game changer in European security and trans-Atlantic relations…

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