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The New Radicalization of the Internet

The New Radicalization of the InternetNew York Times Editorial

Jihadists and right-wing extremists use remarkably similar social media strategies.

Social media has played a key role in the recent rise of violent right-wing extremism in the United States, including three recent incidents — one in which a man was accused of sending mail bombs to critics of the president, another in which a man shot dead two African-Americans in a Kroger’s grocery store in Kentucky, and a third in which a man is accused of conducting a murderous rampage at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Each of these attacks falls under the definition of right-wing extremism by the Global Terrorism Database at the University of Maryland: “violence in support of the belief that personal and/or national way of life is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent." Antiglobalism, racial or ethnic supremacy, nationalism, suspicion of the federal government, obsessions over individual liberty — these are all hallmarks of this network of ideologies, which is, of course, shot through with conspiracy theories…

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Fri, 12/28/2018 - 6:54am

The internet show that the Internet is being utilized in four different ways as an instrument for radicalization: as an extreme library, as an enrollment platform, as a methods for correspondence and as a tool to plan operationally assaults. So as to counter effectively the utilization of Internet for radicalization.