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Military1 is Hiring a Part-time Military Blogger

Tue, 08/18/2015 - 6:20pm

Military1 is Hiring a Part-time Military Blogger

Military1 is looking for a military blogger to join its award-winning editorial team and write about current military news and trends.

The ideal candidate is looking to gain experience in an online news environment and has a military background. Topics will include current events in the U.S. and abroad, active duty lifestyle, veterans’ affairs, careers, and other issues affecting military members of all rank and file.

You also must have: a generally outstanding sense for news that will resonate with an online audience; creativity in utilizing the online medium to engage users; the ability to write and edit quickly and thoroughly; and an understanding of the content needs of military personnel, vets and families.

This position is a part-time (a few hours Mon-Fri), remote position and pays $150 per week.

Duties for the position break down primarily into two categories:

  1. Finding and reposting syndicated news, aiming for a good mix across priority topics and service branches
    1. Post 2-3 top news stories, pulling from either licensed news sources (eg. McClatchy) or and posting in full or finding unlicensed sources and posting preview of article (headline, credit, 3 paragraphs) with link to full source.
      1. Example(s) – Licensed News:
      2. Example(s) – Unlicensed News:
  1. Writing original blog posts about a variety of topics, ranging from:
    1. News commentary: A brief analysis of a very recent current event, including what happened, why it’s relevant (why the audience should care), what key takeaways are to be learned from it, and what the immediate future holds or likely holds based on the event.
      1. Example:
    2. Culture/Entertainment: Movies, television specials, books, memoirs, etc. that focus on a person, an event, or some other aspect pertaining to the military that lend themselves to reviews, opinion columns, and pre-release speculation that take readers behind the scenes of the event.
      1. Example:
    3. Product: Write up short 300-500 reviews and previews - from cutting edge technology that’s being used overseas to newly-released tactical products.
      1. Example:
    4. Evergreen/Topical: Light columns that aren’t tied to a specific event and don’t age, often in the form of lists and often have the potential to be feel-good round-up type stories.
      1. Example:

This position will potentially also provide the opportunity to post to our Military1 Facebook Page (600K+ fans) down the road.


  • Interest and/or experience in digital and social media
  • Military experience and broad knowledge about current trends
  • Strong writing skills
  • Knowledge of AP Style, including headline and caption writing
  • Good computer/technical skills

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