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Military Aid for Ukraine is Good for the U.S.

Fri, 09/27/2019 - 12:12am

Military Aid for Ukraine is Good for the U.S.Military Times Editorial

Far from the noise of the political storm over President Donald Trump’s phone calls with Ukraine is the loud barrage of Russian artillery fire blasting away in the Donbass.

The Russian attacks are increasing in frequency and destruction. Ukrainian casualties are mounting.

Ukraine has asked the U.S. to provide military supplies to support their fight against the Russians, but the White House has delayed it.

For the Ukrainian military, and ultimately for the U.S. and other allies who are dealing with Russian aggression, the bottom line is this: Any delay in arms sales has a deleterious effect on Ukraine’s fight.

That’s bad news for U.S. forces who may one day encounter the Russian military and will rely in part on lessons learned from Ukraine’s fight…

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