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Islamic State's Sinai Affiliate Remains a Destabilizing Force in Egypt

Islamic State's Sinai Affiliate Remains a Destabilizing Force in Egypt - The Cipher Brief Intel Briefing

Despite an aggressive counterinsurgency campaign waged by the Egyptian military, militants linked to IS are still capable of coordinating sophisticated attacks. Finding safe haven and sanctuary throughout the lawless and ungoverned Sinai peninsula, IS-linked insurgents maintain the ability to engage in classic guerrilla warfare—directing ambushes, staging hit-and-run attacks, and emplacing improvised explosive devices along roads frequently used by Egyptian military vehicles. The Sisi government has responded with a scorched earth effort to crush the insurgency. And while the military’s efforts have been successful in killing and capturing insurgents, it has also proved counterproductive, with gratuitous violence directed against entire populations. The response has been more people, not fewer, willing to join and support the insurgency.

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Thu, 06/13/2019 - 7:51am

The analogy with the US is a faulty one. The US was an entirely NEW civilization expanding into what was (mostly) a sparsely populated continent. (Yes, it had previously been much more densely populated, but the major depopulation had occurred via several consecutive waves of disease that had occurred hundreds of years prior to the establishment of the English colonies