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H.R. 4303: Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2012

A Bill: To direct the Secretary of State to designate as foreign terrorist organizations certain Mexican drug cartels and submit a report on the activities the Department of State is taking to assist Mexico with drug cartel violence, and for other purposes.

H.R. 4303: Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2012.

112th Congress, 2011–2012. Text as of Mar 29, 2012 (Introduced).

Excerpt follows:


The Secretary of State shall designate under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189) as a foreign terrorist organization the following:

            (1) The Arellano Felix Organization.

            (2) The Los Zetas Cartel.

            (3) The Juarez Cartel.

            (4) The Beltran Leyva Organization.

            (5) La Familia Michoacana.

            (6) The Sinaloa Cartel.

            (7) The Gulf Cartel/New Federation.

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