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Clashes Erupt as Gazans Mark Anniversary of Bloody Border Protests; 2 Palestinians Killed

Sat, 03/30/2019 - 1:25pm

Clashes Erupt as Gazans Mark Anniversary of Bloody Border Protests by Loveday Morris – Washington Post

GAZA CITY - Israeli forces used tear gas and live fire during sporadic clashes Saturday along the Gaza border as thousands of Palestinians gathered to mark the anniversary of year-long protests over the territory’s blockade. At least two people were killed, Gaza officials said.


The Palestinians rallies were mostly peaceful, but some protesters used slingshots to send rocks toward Israeli security units.


Gaza’s health ministry reported at least two deaths from gunfire: a 21-year-old man and 17-year-old boy. The ministry also said at least 112 people were injured, including 23 by live ammunition.


The Israeli military said 30,000 protesters had gathered and that a number of grenades and explosive devices had been thrown at the fence. It said that two children carrying a knife had been apprehended by the security fence in the morning and had explained they wanted to be arrested to go to prison. The military said they’d been returned to Gaza through the Erez Crossing.


Negotiations aimed at achieving calm between Israel and Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza, bolstered hopes Friday that major bloodshed might be avoided. Crowds swelled after midday prayers, but violence appeared more muted than a year ago, when Israeli forces used almost continuous gunfire…

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2 Palestinians Killed at Gaza Mass Protest by Edward Yeranian - VOA News

Thousands of mostly young Palestinian men turned out Saturday for an annual protest organized by the Islamic Hamas movement on the border between Israel and Gaza. The rally coincided with a sandstorm, which appeared to lessen the expected turnout.


Dozens of ambulances crisscrossed the area near the border fence between Hamas-controlled territory of Gaza and Israel in anticipation of casualties from Saturday's demonstration. Arab media reported that two young men were killed and dozens were wounded by gunfire.


Live video on Arab news channels showed clusters of young men hovering near the border fence as a sandstorm covered the region. Arab media reported that several thousand security forces belonging to Hamas were stationed in the area.


Hamas-run media in Gaza broadcast a message by the group's leader, Ismail Haniya, urging people to protest to mark the first anniversary of what was originally billed as a "march of return" to territories inside Israel. Hanniya had urged demonstrators to break through the border fence in the run-up to last year's demonstration…

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