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Chief of the Army Reading List

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 11:47am

Chief of the Army Reading List by Lieutenant General David Morrison, Australian Army, and edited by Dr. Jeffrey Grey. Hat tip to Real Clear Defense. (Dated July 2012 but just now accessed by SWJ).

As Chief of Army my first priority is to ensure the Army’s soldiers are fully prepared to meet the challenges presented by current and future operations. This is best achieved through appropriate force structures, equipment and maintaining our combat skills through robust training in foundation warfighting.

This requires physical strength and fitness. Just as important, a capacity to engage in a dialogue about the future operating environment and the future of Army is also essential; this is intellectual fitness.

Intellectual fitness may be achieved in a number of ways including participation in robust debate, being open to new ideas, being creative, thinking critically and having a desire to challenge the status quo. We must question our assumptions and form opinions that will stand up to rigorous scrutiny. This is enabled by a knowledge base built on experience and study.

This reading list has been designed to provide all ranks with a guide to publications relevant to the study of the profession of arms. Many of the publications listed are historical in nature, the study of history being important in broadening perspectives and in providing a start point to understand and shape the future…

David Morrison

Chief of Army

July 2012

Chief of the Army Reading List