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August 2012 Issue of the CTC Sentinel Now Posted

West Point's Combating Terrorism Center has released the August 2012 Issue of the CTC Sentinel. The new issue can be downloaded here.

The August issue contains the following articles:

- A Fight for the Spoils: The Future Role of Syria’s Armed Groups
        By Stephen Starr
- Defining Cyberterrorism: Capturing a Broad Range of Activities in Cyberspace
        By Jonalan Brickey
- Pakistani Taliban Renew Attacks on Punjabi Heartland
        By Arif Rafiq
- The Strategic Limitations of Boko Haram in Southern Nigeria
        By Jacob Zenn
- Yemen’s Huthi Movement in the Wake of the Arab Spring
        By Lucas Winter
- Understanding Drivers of Violent Extremism: The Case of al-Shabab and Somali Youth
        By Muhsin Hassan