Small Wars Journal

A Few Good Women

Tue, 03/17/2015 - 3:09am

A Few Good Women by David Martin, correspondent and Mary Walsh, producer, CBS News

For the Marines that means accepting female volunteers into their Infantry Officer School to see if they can make it through the grueling three-month course. You would expect the training to be tough, but we had no idea how tough until we saw it. The Marines have kept most of what happens in that course secret so anyone going through it doesn't know what to expect. But they opened it up for us so you could see what it takes to become a Marine infantry officer - male or female it doesn't matter because the demands are the same. Can women do it? Take a look and judge for yourself.

Marine second lieutenants charging into battle on their knees, this drill comes two weeks into the 86-day Infantry Officers Course and it's unlike any training we've ever seen. They're on their knees to slow things down enough so as not to cause serious injury. It looks almost prehistoric but Marine General George Smith says it's what combat's all about...

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