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9/6/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 09/06/2023 - 8:46am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 5, 2023

2. An Interview with Mike Kofman: On analysing the Russo-Ukraine War

3. John Bolton: Republicans Must Exorcise the Ghost of Neville Chamberlain When it Comes to Ukraine

4. AUKUS standoff: Australia, UK wait on Congress to approve pact

5. An inside look at Ukraine's cyber war with Russia

6. Criminal enterprise flaunts AI in creepy 'fraud-for-hire' commercial meant for dark web

7. AFSOC Power Projection Wing and Unit Relocations | SOF News

8. The Fall from Grace of Russian SOF: The Danger of Forgetting Lessons Learned

9. Opinion | Three service secretaries to Tuberville: Stop this dangerous hold on senior officers

10. It’s Not About Where U.S. Space Command Goes But Whether It Should Exist At All

11. All to Play for: Ukraine's Counteroffensive and its Prospects for Success in 2023

12. A corporal gave a speech in front of the top Marine — and got promoted

13. 3 Bullets, 2 Wars, 1 Village (Ukraine)

14. Putin is developing a sinister new plan for victory (and the relationship with north Korea)

15. SAM Sites Could Return To Critical Locales Across U.S.

16. This cold war is different

17. Russian Pilot Describes Defection to Ukraine, Urges Others to Follow

18. Russian Official Admits ‘Tactical Retreat’ From Robotyne Amid Kyiv’s Gains

19. The world is running out of ‘inflection points’ in the war against authoritarian rule

20. The Russians Are Getting Better

21. The Last Minarets of Yunnan

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea will pay a price if it provides weapons to Russia: NSA Sullivan

2. Yoon urges immediate halt to attempts to seek military cooperation with N. Korea

3. Putin is developing a sinister new plan for victory (and the relationship with north Korea)

4. Putin’s North Korean Rendezvous (WSJ Editorial)

5. Kim Jong Un-Putin meeting imminent

6. Major arms deal between Kim and Putin 'very likely,' experts say

7. Ex-N. Korean diplomat named special adviser to Seoul's unification minister

8. Yoon sharpens anti-communist rhetoric to appeal to conservatives

9. Air Koryo flights appear halted after brief resumption

10. Yoon calls for unified action against NK threats at summit with Chinese presence

11. Under one flag, UN Command's mission to defend S. Korea continues

12.  S. Korean defense firms to take center stage at armaments exhibition in Poland

13. Yoon calls for int'l unity for N. Korea's denuclearization