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9/3/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 09/03/2023 - 11:23am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 2, 2023
2. War Books: A Crash Course on Clausewitz
3. A year after China cut mil-to-mil contacts with US, a hint of thaw?
4. New phone sparks worry China has found a way around U.S. tech limits
5. How the War in Ukraine is Likely Driving a New World Order
6. How Xi Returned China to One-Man Rule
7. China to Its People: Spies Are Everywhere, Help Us Catch Them
8. Beijing’s Dangerous Flirtation With Hard Power Intimidation – Analysis
9. SOF Can Help Win the Competition for Influence in South America
10. Why Some People Turn Into Political Extremists
11. Gray Zone Tactics Playbook: Spoofing
12. Raimondo says US ‘trying to choke’ China’s military capacity with superconductor limits
13. Palantir: Treading On Thin Ice (NYSE:PLTR)
14. Biden to award Vietnam-era Army helicopter pilot with Medal of Honor
15. The à la carte world: our new geopolitical order
16. West Virginia's foreign language cuts could be a "blueprint" for higher ed attacks
17. Poll: 56% of Americans say debt ceiling fight made them trust government less
18. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: September
19. Opinion | By Abandoning Civics, Colleges Helped Create the Culture Wars

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea conducted 'simulated tactical nuclear attack': KCNA
2. Counteraction Drill for Important Purpose Conducted in DPRK
3. Anti-War, Anti-Japan, Anti-Regime Struggle Escalates in Region of S. Korean Puppets
4. In a First, North Korea Publicizes Military Operation to ‘Occupy’ South Korea
5. Kim Jong Un’s foreign policy failures have left the entire peninsula worse off
6. Kim's visits to naval facilities show direction of North Korea's nuclear strategy: experts
7. Japan and South Korea should be invited to join Aukus, UK parliamentary committee says
8. South Korea is working on an 'arsenal ship' in case it has to shower North Korea with missiles
9. Unification ministry considers fine on lawmaker for attending pro-N. Korea group's event in Japan
10. Former North Korean diplomat greets North Korean refugees
11. Bigger isn’t always better: Why the US fails to deter North Korea, despite nuclear superiority
12. Iran, Hovering on the Brink of Producing Its First Warhead, Steps Up Its Nuclear Partnership With North Korea
13. Dream of unification lives forever
14. S. Korea and Japan after Camp David
15. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: September - Korea
16. The strange, secretive world of North Korean science fiction