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9/20/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 09/20/2023 - 7:58am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 19, 2023
2. U.S. government shutdown could slow weapons transfers to Ukraine, Taiwan
3. US in 'no win' situation after Canada suggests India involved in assassination
4. The Arguments against Aiding Ukraine Still Fall Flat
5. The Irrelevant United Nations
6. Remarks by President Biden Before the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly
7. Full text: Zelenskyy’s speech to the UN General Assembly
8. Exclusive: Estonia’s Outgoing Military Spymaster on Russia’s War
9. Ukrainian Tactics Put Russia on the Defensive in the Black Sea
10. How China Uses Shipping for Surveillance and Control
11. 'No easy answers': Biden admin juggling pathways to send Taiwan weapons, but no line skipping
12. America Can’t Stop China’s Rise
13.  Tommy Tuberville to seek vote for Marine Corps leader, despite his protest over Pentagon abortion policy
14. Old is new again as Air Force special ops branch revamps training
15. Anti-Affirmative Action Group Sues West Point Over Admissions Policy
16. Armenian separatists in Karabakh surrender and agree to ceasefire after Azerbaijani offensive
17. Did Kennan Foresee Putin?
18. Scaling the Future: How Replicator Aims to Fast-Track U.S. Defense Capabilities
19. Lessons in Maritime Insurgency from the Mukti Bahini Freedom Fighters of 1971
20. Active-duty troops, some DOD employees could work without pay during government shutdown, Pentagon says
21. AFSOC Wants MQ-9 Reapers As ‘Capital Ships’ For Small Drones
22. Beyond ChatGPT: Experts say generative AI should write — but not execute — battle plans

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon, U.N. chief discuss N. Korea, Ukraine
2. Meet the world’s new arms dealers
3. N. Korea's Kim arrives in Pyongyang after Russia trip: state media
4. Biden condemns N. Korea's defiance of UNSC resolutions, remains committed to diplomacy
5. U.S. official voices concerns over N. Korean detainees in China at risk of repatriation
6. S. Korea observed military dealings between N. Korea, Russia months before Kim-Putin summit: official
7. North Korean escapees tell how nuclear tests ruined their health, hometown
8. [INTERVIEW] Putin uses summit with NK leader to stop Seoul from helping Ukraine: expert
9. Korea urged to adopt China exit strategy amid hegemonic war
10. NK hackers ramp up use of Russian exchanges for crypto laundering: report
11. North Korea ‘mobilizes’ students to fight yearly ‘corn battle’
12. South Korea Presidents clash over North Korea policy
13. <Inside N. Korea> People increasingly interested in Kim Jong-un’s daughter following continuous appearances in state-run media…Several people investigated for claiming that “the era of a female Supreme Leader has arrived”
14. S. Korea, US discuss potential Pyongyang-Moscow space cooperation in tabletop exercise
15. [Top Envoy] ‘Don’t look back anymore’: former envoy on S. Korea-Japan thaw
16. S. Korea, US nearing completion to revise joint deterrence strategy against NK threats