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9/19/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 09/19/2023 - 9:16am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 18, 2023

2. China’s Ex-Foreign Minister Ousted After Alleged Affair, Senior Officials Told

3. Taiwan submarine dream surfaces as China tensions rise

4. The CIA Politicizes Intelligence on China and Covid

5. Zelensky Cleans House in Corruption-Plagued Defense Ministry

6. Biden to Urge Nations to Protect and Nurture Democracy

7. Missing F-35 Is Third Costly Accident for Marines in Recent Weeks

8. Biden to address U.N. assembly in an effort to bolster alliances

9. Abrams tanks to enter Ukraine soon, Austin says at Ramstein meeting

10. India, Canada expel diplomats over accusations Delhi killed Sikh activist

11. When will China invade Taiwan? The answer lies in West Africa

12. Opinion | Meet Putin’s Ghostwriter

13. Opinion | The Ukraine war showcases new military technologies. Whoever masters them wins.

14.  Analysis | The main storylines at a gloomy United Nations

15. President Zelenskyy Goes to Washington (Again)

16. Former Biden official at the heart of Pentagon culture wars launches House campaign

17. Republican Army veteran to run for Democratic-controlled Virginia U.S. House seat

18. FBI chief says China has bigger hacking program than the competition combined

19. Watch Out for Backroom Warmongers Urging NATO Entanglement in Ukraine

20. Norms at Home, Norms Abroad: Security Force Assistance and Civil-Military Relations

21. It’s Time for a Special Inspector General for Ukraine Assistance

22. Making Military Service More Attractive for Modern Spouses

23. American Hatred Goes Global

24. Department of Defense Enters an Agreement to Expand Domestic Manufacturing to Strengthen U.S. Supply Chains for Rare Earth Magnets

25. China is edging out the US military’s advantage on tech

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea, China, Japan to hold high-level talks next week to discuss trilateral summit

2. N. Korea's food shortages probably improved on crop harvest, imports: unification ministry

3.  Mosaic of N. Korean leader erected in Pyongyang as part of personality cult

4. Senior S. Korean, US officials discuss recent N. Korea-Russia summit

5. Biden thanks S. Korea, other countries for helping achieve return of U.S. detainees from Iran

6. S. Korea sends experts to monitor Fukushima release as part of regular visits: official

7. S. Korean foreign ministry summons Russian envoy over N.K. ties

8. Could North Korea Send 'Volunteers' to Fight in Ukraine?

9. North Korea and Russia: How Far Could Their Partnership Go?

10. Kim’s Russia jaunt offers an uncertain mix of substance, theater

11. The Axis of Outcasts

12. Is it time to celebrate the military agreement? (South-north CMA)

13. Rethinking Engagement with North Korea

14.  Putin may regret forging closer ties with Kim: experts

15. North Korea's communism gives rise to ruthless capitalism: defectors