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9/16/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/16/2023 - 12:49pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 15, 2023
2. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, September 15, 2023
3. The Taiwanese Are Worried That the U.S. Will Abandon Ukraine By Seth G. Jones
4. 'Be careful what you wish for:' DoD official warns separate cyber force could pose new challenges
5. US at grave risk of China tech war retaliation
6. The Relentless Regularity of Irregular Warfare
7. Army recruiting: better than last year, still short of goal, officials say
8. Air Force to fall short of annual training goal by about 120 pilots
9. Pentagon to build space weapons, new strategy reveals
10. Putin’s Useful Priests
11. Opinion: Is CIA Director Bill Burns Helping or Blocking Ukraine to Win?
12. The US military just proved it can get satellites into space super fast
13. Ukraine Isn’t the Reason the U.S. Is Unprepared for War
14. US-Indonesia Security Relations Flourish in a Changing Indo-Pacific
15. The fine line between military innovation and empty promises
16. Hypersonic Missiles Are Game-Changers, and America Doesn’t Have Them
17. How the State Dept discovered that Chinese hackers were reading its emails

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea's Kim meets Russian defense minister, inspects nuclear-capable bombers, warship
2. U.S. to seek further action over N.K. provocations, int'l law violations: NSA Sullivan
3. N. Korean athletes arrive in Hangzhou for Asian Games: reports
4. 3 Takeaways From the North Korea-Russia Summit
5. Gov’t acknowledges details of N. Korea’s weapon supply to Russia
6. South Korea, U.S. strengthen deterrence against North amid weapons deal concerns
7. N. Korea's Kim meets Russian defense minister, inspects nuclear-capable bombers, warship
8. North Korean arms for Russia probably won't make a big difference in Ukraine war: Milley
9. Ukrainian leader seeks Korea's reconstruction assistance in nuclear energy, resources, defense industry
10. [INTERVIEW] Cooperation in defense redefines Korea-Poland relations, says ambassador
11. Chinese police arrest defector remittance broker in Jilin Province
12. Failure to Launch: The Problem With the Putin-Kim Strategy
13. What Putin and Kim Want From Each Other
14. South Korea’s Interest in Nuclear Weapons Hasn’t Gone Away—It’s Just On Hold
15. Analysis | Kim and Putin meeting show just how much the leaders need each other