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9/13/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 09/13/2023 - 2:36pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 12, 2023
2.  Congress Should Debate Now Whether We Defend Taiwan, Not on the Eve of Invasion  By Bing West
3. China-Linked Hackers Breached a Power Grid—Again
4. DOD Releases 2023 Cyber Strategy Summary
5. In a US showdown with China, there are some missions with no special-operations 'easy button'
6. Will the West Abandon Ukraine?
7. Air Force Ranger Assessment Course (RAC) | SOF News
8. Hanoi’s American Hedge
9. The U.S is getting hacked. So the Pentagon is overhauling its approach to cyber.
10. American Universities Shouldn’t Cut All Ties With China
11. Opinion | President Biden should not run again in 2024
12. Pentagon-Funded Study Warns Dementia Among U.S. Officials Poses National Security Threat
13. My Encounters With a Suspected Spy
14. How Elon Musk become a power player in the Ukraine war
15. The Biodefense Posture Review Needs Focus to Succeed
16. If it doesn’t make you more lethal, ditch it, says top Army officer
17. Determining the True Extent of Terrorism’s Existential Threat
18. China, Russia will use cyber to sow chaos if war starts, Pentagon says
19. Who will be the president's top military adviser after Gen. Milley retires?
20. New DOD cyber strategy notes limits of digital deterrence
21. America’s Current Nuclear Arsenal Was Built for a More Benign World
22. After the Attack: A Playbook for Continuity of the Economy Planning and Implementation
23. President Biden’s Military Blockade
24. Chinese Warships Gather in Sign of Major Naval Exercises
25. Are Ukraine’s tactics working?
26. De-dollarization Dreams: Why the US Dollar Won’t Bow Out
27. How China’s Belt and Road Took Over the World
28. China unveils 'blueprint' for Taiwan integration while sending warships around the self-ruled island
29.U.S. military sends cyber team to 'hunt' foes from NATO ally next to Russia

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea's Kim vows full support for Russia’s 'just fight' after viewing launchpads with Putin
2. Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin Meet at Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome
3. N. Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles into East Sea ahead of Kim-Putin summit
4. Kim tells Putin N. Korea supports Russia's 'sacred fight' against West
5. Kim Jong Un arrives by train in Russia for Putin meeting about arms deals
6. Kim Jong Un arrives by train in Russia for Putin meeting about arms deals
7. Yoon names new ministers of defense, culture, gender equality
8. Kim and Putin Discuss Deepening Ties as Ukraine War Looms Over Summit
9. North Korea-Russia relations moving to ‘fresh higher level,’ Kim says
10. The Sleeper Has Awakened: Six Key Takeaways From the Rollout of North Korea’s “Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine”
11. Russia promises to help North Korea build satellites
12. US will not hesitate to take action if N. Korea provides weapons to Russia: state dept.
13. Creating unified Korea by means of visionary 'Declaration of Unification'
14. Kim, Putin to fortify ‘anti-imperialist’ united front, vow tech cooperation
15. Former N. Korean defector hunter reflects on her experiences
16. S. Korea to hold massive military parade for 1st time in decade