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8/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 08/08/2023 - 9:13am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 7, 2023
2. Why a US Navy admiral says China won't pick up the military hotline
3. The West’s de-risking strategy towards China will fail, says Chris Miller
4. Soft Power Is Making a Hard Return
5. Carcinogens found at Montana nuclear missile sites as reports of hundreds of cancers surface
6. China hacked Japan’s sensitive defense networks, officials say
7. How Adm. Paparo will lead the U.S. military in the Indo-Pacific
8. Recruiters skipped steps to screen out extremist enlistees, IG says
9. Ukraine has combat kayaks now
10. Air Force Combat Controllers might not attend dive school anymore
11. 'Sudden surge' in cyberattacks on government: report
12. Mini SEAL sub reaches initial operating capability
13. Marines fly food to remote areas of Philippines after deadly typhoon
14. Order After Empire: The Roots of Instability in the Middle East By Robert D. Kaplan
15. Putin’s Age of Chaos: The Dangers of Russian Disorder
16. AI ‘red teams’ race to find bias and harms in chatbots like ChatGPT
17. Japan's Military Is Getting Ready to Take on a Rising China
18. Analysis | Mongolia looks to rise out of China and Russia’s shadow
19. US-Mongolia aviation pact hit as a rare earths hedge
20. The Future of Algorithmic Warfare Part II: Wild Goose Chases
21. Ukraine is evacuating wounded soldiers by loading them onto large drones, in what is likely a battlefield first, report says
22. 'One of our greatest': U.S. Special Operations Command retired Gen. James Lindsay dies at 90

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong Un Touts Weapons, as U.S. Worries About North Korea Arms Exports
2. Yoon calls for priority on building deterrence against N. Korea
3. Ministry denies report of Tokyo demanding support for Fukushima water release at S. Korea-U.S.-Japan summit
4. N. Korea urges all-out efforts to minimize damage from Typhoon Khanun
5. Family of Pvt. Travis King Eases Back on Claims of Being Ignored by the Army
6. UN Sending States: The Forgotten Parties in the Korean War
7. Exclusive: North Korean hackers breached top Russian missile maker
8. <Inside N. Korea>The authorities finally start cracking down on housing transactions, “Severely punish anti-socialist behavior”…Crackdown on 25-year-old “housing market” may cause chaos
9. S. Korea, US to discuss holding EDSCG meeting in Seoul
10. North Korean hacking of Russian technology highlights distrust between allies: experts
11. Some signs that China’s relationship with N. Korea isn’t so friendly
12. Seoul to intensify penalties for unauthorized civilian inter-Korean exchanges
13. How can Korea recover from Jamboree debacle?