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8/29/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 9:36am

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National Security News Content:


2. ‘The Eye of the Storm’: Taiwan Is Caught in a Great Game Over Microchips
3. Here’s every weapon US has supplied to Ukraine with $13 billion
4. Biden's Iran nuclear deal sets the stage for a real 'forever war'
5. Fighting between U.S. troops and militias draws scrutiny to Syria role
6. Through the Taiwan Strait
7. Restore Reagan’s Military ‘Margin of Safety’
8. The ‘MacGyvered’ Weapons in Ukraine’s Arsenal
9. The Army wants exoskeletons so soldiers can defeat their worst enemy: Lower back pain
10. After the Next War: The U.S. must Grasp the Reality of Sustained Competition
11. This Picture Is How China Plans to Beat America If World War III Breaks Out
12. Russian dirty dancing with Sanna Marin
13. US Coast Guard cutter is denied entry in Solomon Islands
14. Indo–US special forces joint exercise completed in Himachal Pradesh
15. Russia is Fighting Three Undeclared Wars. Its Fourth – an Internal One – Might be Looming
16. Four years after the death of John McCain, my father's legacy is more important than ever
17. The surprising connection between military strategy and success of the Civil Rights movement
18. How this Marine Corps clarinetist evacuated 2 US embassies in 1 year

Korean News Content:

1. Ulchi Freedom Shield drill faces backlash from North Korea
2. Korea forms THAAD environmental impact assessment panel
3. Defense ministry to host annual international security forum next week
4. S. Korea, Mongolia agree to seek closer ties on rare earth supply
5. Yoon says presidential office must be dedicated, competent to serve people 
6. Korea to challenge US over validity of Inflation Reduction Act
7. Ukraine War Gives North Korea Reasons to Draw Closer to Russia
8. Won and stocks plunge as Korea struggles with rates and inflation
9. Delegation heads to U.S. to express concerns about EV act
10. Yoon to begin commuting from new residence this week
11.  S. Korea’s expert committee advises ending testing regulations for inbound travelers
12.  N. Korea set for nuke test, but no sign of action yet: S. Korean defense chief
13.  N. Korea plans nationwide update of mobile phone operating systems by December
14.  Russia sends wheat to North Korea in return for diplomatic support
15. HRNK Wishes Former Intern Mathew Ha a Speedy Recovery




Thu, 12/01/2022 - 10:35am

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