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8/25/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 08/25/2023 - 9:06am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 24, 2023
2. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, August 24, 2023
3. Defecting Russian Mi-8 Helicopter Was Lured To Ukraine: Reports
4. USASOC study outlines measures to optimize female Soldiers
5. Prigozhin’s death shows that Russia is a mafia state
6. China Casts CIA as Villain in New Anti-Spying Push
7. Early Intelligence Suggests Prigozhin Was Assassinated, U.S. Officials Say
8. China’s Crisis of Confidence in Six Charts
9. US issues threat warning after hackers break into a satellite
10. US intel believes ‘intentional’ blast downed Wagner chief’s plane
11. Ukrainian pilots will learn to fly F-16s at US Air Force’s 162nd Wing
12. Ukraine says it landed troops on the shores of Russian-occupied Crimea
13. Retired Army Lawyer Will Oversee Pentagon’s War Court
14. Meet the tiny State Department offices clearing billions of dollars’ worth of weapons for Ukraine
15. Open Source Technology and Public-Private Innovation Are the Key to Ukraine’s Strategic Resilience
16. Ukrainians Are Cutting Open U.S. Cluster Shells To Make Drone Munitions
17. The Mercenary Always Loses
18. The Dangers of Broken Trust Between Military and Elected Officials
19. Russia Crushes Drone Swarm Over Crimea One Day After Commando Raid
20. The Price of Fragmentation – Why the Global Economy Isn’t Ready for the Shocks Ahead
21. The Folly Of Merging The Indo-Pacific And Europe – Analysis
22. Putin’s Night of the Long Knives
23. The error of NATO’s ways in Asia
24. New ship named after legendary Navy SEAL and Alaska Native
25. Preparing for the next global pandemic: What a recent wargame teaches us
26. HIMARS changed the game in Ukraine, but a former US artillery officer says what they need now is a firepower boost with M26 cluster rockets. 

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea, U.S. working together to search for and salvage sunken parts of N. Korea's space rocket
2. N. Korea's failed satellite launch is provocative, destabilizing: Pentagon
3. Unification Ministry cuts staff amid deep freeze with Pyongyang
4. Tornado Cash crypto firm founders indicted for allegedly laundering money for North Korean hackers
5. Escape China by Jet Ski? A Dissident Is Said to Have Planned It for Years
6. Korea-U.S.-Japan summit builds strong foundation for trilateral cooperation: Amb. Cho
7. ‘Abnormal flight’ detected in second-stage flight of North’s botched satellite launch: Defense minister
8. S. Korea, US, Japan weigh more unilateral sanctions over NK's space launch
9. Seoul calls for abolition of 'K-pop ban' in North Korea
10. South Korea’s Rapprochement With Japan Faces One More Hurdle — and It’s in the Water
11. N. Korea hands down severe punishments for watching S. Korean dramas, movies
12. North Korea's space launch program and long-range missile projects
13. North Korean Hackers Are Getting Smarter and More Dangerous
14. US Army stages 1st key wartime deployment drills in Korea in 6 years amid growing NK threats
15. North Korea says US driving Ukraine crisis toward nuclear disaster
16. Camp David Agreement Seen Likely to Fuel China's Aggression in S. China Sea
17. Yoon’s triumph at Camp David
18. Kim Jong-un hires 'briefcase-wielding bodyguards' as 'protection from assassins'
19. Opinion: I’m banned from visiting my family in North Korea. When will the U.S. change this policy?