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8/22/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 08/22/2023 - 7:59am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 21, 2023
2. Opinion: Stop Listening to ‘Ukraine Experts’ Who Don’t Know Ukrainians
3. As Ukraine flies through artillery rounds, U.S. races to keep up
4. Women in Army SOF sidelined by ‘benevolent sexism,’ study finds
5. Women in Army SOF resorted to buying their own armor, study finds
6. With China and Russia on the Warpath, It’s the Wrong Time to Reinvent a Triad (i.e., the Space, Cyber, SOF Triad)
7. Female soldiers in Army special operations face rampant sexism and harassment, military report says
8. Special Operations News Update - August 21, 2023 | SOF News
9. Army further distancing itself from 'information warfare' moniker
10. Asked and answered: China’s strategy of political warfare (Seth Jones interview)
12. Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule
13. A Deferential, Partisan Public and the Future of Democratic Civil-Military Relations
14. How Ukraine is exploiting Biden’s cluster bomb gamble
15. The Smartphone Game That Ukrainian Soldiers Play on the Front Line
16. China's Constant Spying On Australian Drills From Space A Sign Of Shifting Orbital Balance
17. China hoped Fiji would be a template for the Pacific. Its plan backfired.
18. Ukraine Situation Report: Spy Agency Takes Credit For Strikes On Russian Airbases
19. Annals of Chinese Transparency
20. The Case for American-Led Peace in Ukraine
21. Threats against public officials on the rise as 2024 nears
22. The 'new' Ukrainian mine detection
23. How to get through Special Forces selection? Don't be the ‘Grey Man’
24. You Fought for Democracy Overseas. You Have a Duty to Do It Again at Home.
25. 'Woke' Pentagon Spending at Center of Upcoming Government Shutdown Fight

Korean News Content:

1. DPRK Armed Forces Show No Mercy: KCNA Commentary
2. North Korean missile food fight
3. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: North Korea’s HS-18 Is Not a Russian ICBM
4. North Korea warns of ‘thermo-nuclear war’ due to US-ROK drills, Camp David deals
5. S. Korea says Fukushima release plan has no scientific, technical problems
6. N. Korea intends to launch satellite between Aug. 24 and 31: Kyodo
7. S. Korea calls on N. Korea to abandon plan to launch satellite
8.  N. Korea's Kim scolds premier for 'irresponsible' attitude over flood damage
9.  N. Korean airliner arrives in Beijing in 1st post-COVID-19 commercial flight
10. Yoon: We will see more robust trilateral security cooperation system
11. Korea granted regular visits to IAEA office in Fukushima
12. Sustainability matters at Camp David
13. American Soldier Detained in North Korea Poses Unusually Challenging Test for U.S.
14. Yoon: Ulchi to Include 1st Training against N. Korea’s Nuclear Threats
15. [ANALYSIS] Timing of North Korea's satellite launch suggests growing impatience of its leader