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8/13/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 08/13/2023 - 1:11pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 12, 2023
2. A Complicated Legacy: Army Officer Who Exposed Iraq Abuse Was Under FBI Suspicion at the End of His Life
3. Bond vs Iron Man: How Tomorrow's Special Operators Will Use AI To Win the Fight
4. Fort Campbell commander reflects on heritage and service
5. EXCLUSIVE: Michigan community leads fightback against Chinese takeover of US agriculture as Beijing-backed companies now own $2bn of American farmland
6. US and Japan could develop hypersonic missile interceptors together
7. China won’t take the US military’s calls. A top general claims that makes war more likely
8. Where in the world is Wagner warlord Prigozhin? At large and in charge, apparently
9. Taliban’s Massively Successful Opium Eradication Raises Questions About What US Was Doing All Along
10. Violent threats against public officials are rising. Here's why
11. Russian spy agencies targeting Starlink with custom malware, Ukraine warns
12. Exclusive: Russia Has Its Own Resistance
13. Georgetown Still Considering Renaming SFS After the Late Madeleine Albright
14. U.S. Visit by Taiwan Vice President Puts China in a Bind
15. A DuPont China Deal Reveals Cracks in U.S. National-Security Screening
16. See where Sen. Tommy Tuberville is blocking 301 military promotions
17. Defense Budget Déjà Vu: Why Conservatives Should Again Lead to Rein in Defense Costs
18. The End of Progressive Elitism?
19. Blackwater paved the way for Wagner
20.  It’s Not Just US Army Soldiers Going Hungry, Food Insecurity Hitting Other Branches of the Military: Expert
21. ‘Treat it like China’: How U.S. officials stay safe, and have fun, at the world’s biggest hacking conference

Korean News Content:

1. Two minor natural earthquakes strike near N. Korea's nuclear test site: weather agency
2. S. Korea-U.S.-Japan summit to lead to security cooperation framework: official
3. Yoon to leave Thursday for trilateral summit at Camp David
4. Two-Korea solution favored as unification choice
5. SK Telecom to invest US$100 mln in U.S. AI firm Anthropic
6. After 70 years, S. Korea mulls ‘grand strategy’
7. Seven challenges for South Korea's social, economic survival
8. Prepare to join the G7 plus (Korea)
9. Aftermath of Jamboree: Political tug-of-war
10. North Korean hackers still coming for crypto platforms
11. North Korea: Could They Arm Russia to Fight Ukraine?
12. Emirates in Flag Controversy After Displaying North Korean Flag During Cabin Crew Graduation Ceremony For South Korean Flight Attendant
13. Biden’s First Camp David Summit Looks to Align Allies Facing China Threat
14. Voice of America [Washington Talk] Upgrade of US-ROK-Japan security cooperation... South Korea's nuclear armament is not breaking the US-ROK alliance