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7/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 07/08/2023 - 11:23am

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National Security News Content:

1. Putin’s fall could be the domino that topples the world’s autocrats
2. Inside the Secretive Russian Security Force That Targets Americans
3. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 7, 2023
4. Investors Bought Nearly $1 Billion in Land Near a California Air Force Base. Officials Want to Know Who Exactly They Are.
5. NATO’s New Focus on China Creates Internal Tension About Mission Creep
6. Tesla and Chinese rivals signal EV price war truce in ‘socialist values’ pledge
7. NATO is drafting new plans to defend Europe
8. Opinion | CIA Director Burns: What U.S. intelligence needs to do today — and tomorrow
9. As China ramps up military activity, Pentagon looks to accelerate networked warfare tech and exercises
10. Opinion: Vilnius NATO Summit – a Moment of Truth
11. How Did We Get Putin So Wrong?
12. Recruits Wouldn't Be Tested for Marijuana Under Proposed Defense Bill Amendment
13. Chinese cities open air raid shelters for heat relief as extreme temperatures lead to deaths
14. Opinion | Only NATO membership can guarantee peace for Ukraine
15. Secret US-Russia talks over Ukraine ‘not sanctioned by Biden administration’
16. US-India Ties: The ‘Defining Partnership’ of the 21st Century?
17. Don’t Let Ukraine Join NATO
18. How America Can Win Over the Global South – It’s Time to Expand the UN Security Council
19. Special Report: Future of Warfare – The war in Ukraine shows how technology is changing the battlefield (The Economist)

Korean News Content:

1. ‘How Could I Feel Safe?’ Japan’s Dumping of Radioactive Fukushima Water Stirs Fear, Anger
2. First South Korea-US Nuclear Consultative Group meeting to be held later this month
3. Blinken To Address Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Threats At ASEAN Meet
4. Ukraine war: Pressure builds on South Korea to send arms to Kyiv
5. North Korea’s hackers are after intel, not just crypto 
6. Atomic Wallet Hit With Lawsuit, North Korea's Lazarus Group Blamed For $100M Hack
7. Potential Taiwan conflict will hit these 3 countries the hardest, EIU report says (Japan, South Korea and the Philippines)
8.  VOA: [Washington Talk] "We need to warn North Korea of a 'preemptive strike'... Possible 'covert infiltration' targeting the regime”
9. (Yonhap Interview) IAEA chief says no internal disagreement on Fukushima report
10. Kim Jong Un visits Kumsusan palace to mark Kim Il Sung’s death anniversary
11. Blinken will raise N. Korea issues at upcoming ARF meetings: official
12. Yoon, Kishida coordinate summit at NATO Conference
13.  First meeting of NCG to be held in Seoul this month, involving senior officials: presidential office
14. [INTERVIEW] UNC deputy commander stresses transparency in defusing inter-Korean tensions
15. The new Asian family
16. N.Korea, Iran, others come under CBN’s watch list over alleged money laundering
17. Outwitting the North Korean regime