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7/6/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 07/06/2023 - 9:59am

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National Security News Content:

1. The West Again Learns That War Needs Industry
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 5, 2023
3. SF Critical Threats Advisory Company (CTAC) Trains in Europe | SOF News
4. U.S. and China Look to Repair Ties, Again
5. Opinion | America Is Living on Borrowed Money
6. Austin Directs DOD Components to Reinforce Classified Safeguards Following Security Review
7. China’s Focus on the Brain Gives it an Edge in Cognitive Warfare
8. Multilateral Man Is More Powerful Than Putin Realized
9. It's Time to Revise Guidance On Political Activities For Members of the U.S. Military
10. Putin’s Security Crisis
11. Belarus leader Lukashenko says Prigozhin back in Russia, Wagner deployment unclear
12. It’s Not the Plane, It’s the Pilot
13. Brig. Gen. Ryan Assumes Command of CSOJTF-L
14. The Surprising Bipartisanship of U.S. Foreign Policy
15. US in mad dash to get Sweden into NATO over opposition by Turkey, Hungary
16. China simulates ‘Z-day’ total sea war with the US
17. Exclusive: The CIA's blind spot about the Ukraine war
18. China Has Run a Spy Base in Cuba for Decades, Says Former Intelligence Officer
19. Pentagon Aims to Stop China and Russia from Spying on Academia
20. What’s Special About Ukraine’s Frontline Information Warfare?
21. Vietnam bans 'Barbie' movie over South China Sea map
22. Former U.S. officials have held secret Ukraine talks with Russians
23. Opinion | Xi Jinping May Be Souring on His ‘Best, Most Intimate Friend’
24. Taiwan’s Will to Fight May Be Stronger Than You Think
25. James Dobbins, Diplomat and Nation-Building Expert, Dies at 81; Directed RAND's International Security and Defense Policy Center

Korean News Content:

1. North Korean Human Rights and the Future of the U.S.-ROK Alliance
2. [ANALYSIS] What is Seoul aiming for by prioritizing human rights in North Korea?
3. Dossier highlights moments leading to 1st inter-Korean agreement signed after Koreas' division
4. N. Korea discusses economic plans in follow-up measures after key party meeting
5.  Yoon to attend NATO summit in Lithuania, visit Poland
6. The complicated truth about North Korea sanctions
7. Samsung’s A.I. Moment Is Here, but Is It Ready?
8. Korean firefighting team dispatched to Canada begins operations in Quebec
9. Korea marks 3rd year since Korean War hero Gen. Paik's death
10. Ambassador for North's human rights likely to be reappointed
11. S. Korea to introduce anti-drone defense system at key military, govt. facilities
12. S. Korea identifies remains of another Korean War soldier
13. [Lee Kyong-hee] From brittle armistice to permanent peace
14. Can the UN Secretary-General Help the 2,000 North Koreans Detained in China?
15. Column: Increasing tensions between North and South Korea reflect profound realities
16. S. Korean, U.S. Army troops to stage combined drills in California desert next month
17.  The revolving door: Why people end up quitting the North Korea field
18.  South Korea, Japan leaders due to meet on sidelines of NATO summit -Seoul