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7/5/23National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 07/05/2023 - 8:56am

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National Security News Content:

1. Against the Odds: Lessons from the Ukrainian Resistance Movement
2. Judge limits Biden administration in working with social media companies
3. China accuses US of turning Taiwan into a powder keg with its latest sales to self-governing island
4. Hong Kong leader says 8 pro-democracy activists who escaped to the West 'will be pursued for life'
5. House, Senate China Hawks Concerned White House Will Let TikTok Stay in the US
6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 4, 2023
7. The U.S. Funds Shadow Police Units All Over the World
8. ‘We Don’t Want to Carry Out Senseless, Suicidal Orders’ – Russian Soldiers Complain About Heavy Losses
9. US Military’s Recruiting Woes Are a National-Security Crisis ByJames Stavridis
10. Ukraine hails U.S. Patriot's "record" five Russian aircraft hits in one day
11. Taiwan’s Impossible Choice: Be Ukraine or Hong Kong
12. Michael Quinlan Was Right: The Enduring Relevance of Nuclear Deterrence
13. NATO again extends Stoltenberg's mandate, happy with a safe pair of hands as the war drags on
14. Spot troops on your street? It’s likely a parade, not martial law.
15. Army watercraft company with 13 ships will be based in Japan, Pacific commander says
16. Recent Chinese cyber intrusions signal a strategic shift
17. Russia has 'lost nearly half' of its combat effectiveness since invading Ukraine, UK defense official says
18. Inside Ukraine's tech push to counter Russian 'suicide' drone threat
19. China Upping Bullying Tactics Against Neighbors, Says Top State Department Diplomat
20. He was the CIA whiz kid in 'Charlie Wilson's War.' His new book offers advice for the US in Ukraine
21. Remaking US Naval Power for the 21st Century
22.  How America Broke Its War Machine
23. Special Operations News Update - July 5, 2023 | SOF News
24. How China's SOF Modernization Shifts Global Power Dynamics

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea’s Failed Spy Satellite Wasn’t Ready for Military Use, Seoul Analysis Shows
2. S. Korea retrieves N. Korean spy satellite wreckage, ends salvage operation: military
3. The Crisis in South Korea-China Relations: Lessons from History and Ways Forward
4. Unification Ministry to slash budgets of bodies promoting inter-Korean projects
5.  S. Korea respects IAEA report on Fukushima wastewater discharge: official
6. Korea, China hold first high-level meeting in months
7. Flexibility matters when it comes to diplomacy (with north Korea)
8. N. Korea says it has achieved economic goals for H1 in key sectors
9.  Court rejects another gov't application to deposit compensation for forced labor victims
10. N.Korea Hints at Sending Athletes to Asian Para Games, Paris Paralympics
11. Time for 'K-diplomacy'
12. Military Manpower commissioner against conscripting women, military exemption for BTS
13. Most kimchi from China contains aspartame