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7/4/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 07/04/2023 - 9:59am

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National Security News Content:

1. This Day in History: Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence

2. Volodymyr Zelensky: Happy Birthday, America (Wall Street Journal))

3. Opinion | Reasons to believe American democracy has a bright future (Washington Post)

4. Opinion | Beneath the July 4 fireworks, remember America’s light (Washington Post Editorial Board)

5. Opinion | What We Celebrate When We Celebrate the Fourth of July (New York Times)

6. Opinion | The Enemies of Slavery Gave New Meaning to the Declaration of Independence (New York Times)

7. As long as the Spirit of ‘76 endures, America will never die (Washington Times)

8. Citizen sailors and the American Revolution (Washington Times)

9. Climate Change, Fire Threats Lead Cities to Replace July 4 Fireworks With Drone Shows

10. John Quincy Adams on Freedom, Independence and Peace

11. Abraham Lincoln on Independence and the Civil War

12. Reflecting on Declaration of Independence on Fourth of July (Heritage Foundation)

13.Opinion | America’s Foes Are Joining Forces (New York Times)

14. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 3, 2023

15. Temperatures seen surging as El Nino weather pattern returns

16. China to restrict exports of chipmaking materials as US mulls new curbs

17. Russia says Ukraine attacked Moscow with at least five drones

18. Grand Strategy is What States Make of It: #Reviewing Wars of Revelation

19. What the U.S. Military Still Hasn’t Learned From Iraq

20. China’s military won’t talk to the US ー so what?

21. To decouple or to de-risk – that is the question

22. Ukraine Situation Report: Patriot Kill Marks Hint That It Downed Aircraft Inside Russia

23. Biden nominates controversial former Trump-appointee to Public Diplomacy Commission

24. Zelensky’s Fight After the War

25. Opinion | The Tao of Deception: Part IV

26. Green Beans Coffee stokes tensions in South China Sea

26. From warfighters to lawmakers: Ranks of Navy SEALs growing in Congress

Korean News Content:

1. Mongolia Forum: Peace and security in Northeast Asia through Korean unification

2. Koreas growing apart - Unification will never come suddenly

3. Frequent military parades signify NK leader finding it tougher to stay in control

4. Will Japan and South Korea Issue a New Joint Declaration?

5. What Is the Proper Role of the Unification Ministry?

6. Soft propaganda? YouTube deletes channels promoting North Korean lifestyle

7. Map apps add locations where South Koreans can shelter from North Korean attack

8.  N. Korea has apparently lifted mask mandate

9. Moon targets Yoon, mentioning ‘Cold War mentality’

10. The Ministry of Unification faces an identity crisis

11.  IAEA says Japan's Fukushima water discharge plan meets international safety standards

12. Yoon says second half of 2023 will be inflection point for economy

13. Chongjin residents unhappy with paying for nonexistent electricity, water services

14. Gloomy expectations about restart of trade leads to plummeting KPW-RMB rate