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7/12/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 07/12/2023 - 7:09am

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National Security News Content:

1. America Is Running Out of Ammo
2. Daewoo Investor Eyes Purchase Of US Navy Shipbuilder
3. Trapped in Ukraine with No Victory: Putin Opened Pandora's Box
4. Retired US general breaks down why it's so hard for Ukraine to make a counteroffensive push through Russia's defenses. It's '20 kilometers of hell.'
5. NATO Agrees to Pull Ukraine Closer, but Offers No Membership Timeline
6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 11, 2023
7. U.S. Government Emails Hacked in Suspected Chinese Espionage Campaign
8. Power Grids and Plumbing: The Link Between Irregular Warfare and National Critical Functions
9. How the War for Taiwan Will Be Fought—and Won
10. NATO prepared to back Ukraine in its fight against Russia — but not to extend membership
11. Opinion | How we left Afghanistan was wrong. But leaving was right.
12. China Says Its Foreign Minister Is Ill. A Senior Diplomat Will Take His Place at ASEAN Summit
13. NATO agrees to begin F-16 training program for Ukraine in August
14. What NATO Said About Ukraine: Highlights of the Alliance’s Communiqué
15. Australia's international strategy between the US and China
16. China cranks up punitive sea pressure on the Philippines
17. The Myth of Neutrality  – Countries Will Have to Choose Between America and China
18. Would Prosecuting Russia Prolong the War in Ukraine?
19. US intel report casts new doubt on Wuhan lab leak theory
20. The US and India’s non-aligned alliance
21. CQ Brown decries hold on nominations in hearing to head Joint Chiefs
22. Gen. Randy George, once admonished, is now Army chief in waiting
23. Chinese hackers breach U.S. government email through Microsoft cloud
24. What the DoD Can Learn from Alleged Jack Teixeira Classified Document Leaks
25. House GOP channels America’s culture wars in Pentagon budget battle

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea fires ICBM, raises tensions after U.S. spy plane accusations
2. S. Korea, NATO establish new partnership for cooperation in 11 areas
3. N. Korea, China vow stronger ties on treaty-signing anniversary
4. Yoon, Kishida to hold summit in Vilnius on Wednesday
5. Daewoo Investor Eyes Purchase Of US Navy Shipbuilder
6. North Korea Condemns US Plan to Send Cluster Munitions to Ukraine as 'Criminal'
7. S. Korea to urge united response to N. Korea's nuclear threat at regional security forum
8.  North Korea fires ballistic missile into the East Sea
9. Hey, Boomer: What Happened to North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Subs?
10. Yoon pitches tighter security cooperation between AP4 and NATO
11. Hidden 'treasure' helps NIS crack spy's cache of secrets
12. Yoon says North will face consequences for missile launches
13. In Search of the Ordinary: Everyday Life in North Korea
14. North Korean police complain to Pyongyang about uncooperative state security agents
15. Book Review | Korea: A New History of South and North