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7/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 07/10/2023 - 7:20am

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. leaders insist war with Russia must end before Ukraine joins NATO
2. Opinion | A NATO Invitation Will Make or Break Ukraine
3. The Asian ‘Tiger’ Economy That Never Quite Roared
4. ‘Ukrainian strategy has become a model’: Taiwanese beef up military to face China threat
5. U.S. fighting China on the wrong battlefield (US Kinetic vs. Chinese Political Warfare)
6. Wagner PMC Exemplifies How Putin Has Destroyed Russian State – Analysis
7. Top US military leader must step down as Sen. Tuberville continues blocking replacement
8. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 9, 2023
9. An Accident Waiting To Happen: NATO Looks To Asia – OpEd
10. She dreamed of defending Japan. Instead, her fellow soldiers sexually assaulted her
11. Analysis | A fateful summit 15 years ago hangs over the NATO meeting in Vilnius
12. Ukraine Summer Counter-Offensive Update for July 10: ‘30 Russian Airstrikes Versus 1 Ukrainian Airstrike’
13. China’s Advances in Space Warfare Are Terrifying
14. Amid Ukraine War and Internal Spats, NATO Seeks Show of Unity
15. 500 Days of Learning (Part 1) - Ukrainian Strategic Adaptation in Defending their Homeland by Mick Ryan
16. Trump's Campaign Is Already Shaping Global Affairs
17. NATO Promises Ukraine Membership – But Not So Fast
18. Anarchy Is a Bridge: Russia and China Are Pushing NATO and Japan Together
19. How capable is today’s Marine Corps to answer a 9-1-1 call? Not very by Gen. James Conway (retired) and Gen. Anthony Zinni (retired)
20. Why America Has a Launch on Attack Option
21. A Stronger NATO for a More Dangerous World By Jens Stoltenberg
22. NATO’s Worst-of-Both-Worlds Approach to Ukraine
23. 6 Characteristics Shared by Successful Special Ops Candidates

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea slams U.S. reconnaissance aircraft for intruding in airspace
2. North Korea denounces US move to bring ballistic missile submarine to peninsula
3. Hard-living Kim Jong Un earns unflattering nickname over massive appetite for European booze, food: expert
4. Rumors of repatriations cause stress among China’s N. Korean defector community
5. North Korea calls on international community to stop Japan’s release of treated Fukushima wastewater
6. Yoon to embark on six-day trip to Lithuania, Poland
7. Top security officials fretted about nuclear war early in Trump administration, according to ‘Anonymous’ op-ed author
8. Ukrainian media expert calls for vigilance against wartime propaganda (Korea)
9. U.S. general reaffirms 'upcoming' visit of nuclear ballistic missile submarine to S. Korea
10.  N. Korea's food crisis is still grave despite imports from China: unification minister
11. How homeless children survive on North Korea’s freezing streets
12. Amid declining number of NK defectors, Hanawon turns to vocational training
13. N. Korea again orders Chinese mobile phone users to turn themselves in
14. N. Korea awards high achievers in nuclear weapons production
15. S. Pyongan Province calls on farmers to maintain high spirits until fall harvest