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6/30/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 06/30/2023 - 10:19am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 29, 2023
2. China’s Imperialist Foreign Policy
3. Senators pushing for annual briefings on Chinese political influence ops
4. Personnel Is Power: Why China Is Winning at the United Nations
5. Paris police shooting: why are there riots in France?
6. U.S.-Taiwan Relations in a New Era - Responding to a More Assertive China
7. How a reckless report could increase the chance of a crisis with China
8. Geography, Bureaucracy, and National Security: The Legacies of the Cold War and Post-Cold War Periods
9. ‘Nothing Has Happened’ – 'General Armageddon's' Daughter as He Remains Out-of-Sight
10. The Wagner 'Coup' Was Staged by Putin—and the West Fell for It
11.  Xi’s Schadenfreude Over Moscow’s Mutiny
12. New Chinese Law Raises Risks for American Firms in China, U.S. Officials Say
13. The Military Recruiting Crisis: Even Veterans Don’t Want Their Children to Join
14. Putin's FSB and the Russian Army are 'at war': Chaos deepens as it emerges arrested General Surovikin was a secret member of Wagner after Prigozhin's failed mutiny
15. An Army Couple Had Their Daughter at a Military Hospital. Then the Collections Calls Started for $600,000.
16. Rise of the Machines or Just a Routine Test?
17. How a record-setting 'Ugly Baby' mission allowed US special operators to outmaneuver Iraqi forces
18. We salute the USS Chung-Hoon for flying its battle flag on the way back to port
19. Operation Paperclip: The Nazis Recruited To Win the Cold War
20. The High Price of Dollar Dominance
21. Russia’s Biowarfare Lies Can’t Go Unanswered
22. Biden administration could soon approve sending controversial cluster munitions to Ukraine
23. Extreme Pride in Being American Remains Near Record Low
24. CIA officer Ric Prado’s stellar career still inspires agents today
25. Confusion, infighting plague Russian military in mutiny’s wake

Korean News Content:

1. Unification minister nominee vows not to compromise on human rights in dealing with N. Korea
2. A Pessimist’s View of Korea-Japan Détente
3. Unification minister nominee calls for 'selective' review of inter-Korean agreements
4. Unmasking suspected North Korean hackers’ tricks
5. S. Korea asks Pyongyang to give prior notice on border dam discharge
6. China's Waning Leverage Over SKorea Lessens Chances of Retaliation Against THAAD, Experts Say
7. Yonhap forum sheds lights on decadeslong S. Korea-U.S. alliance amid security challenges
8. US And Its Allies Building A Wall Around North Korea – Analysis
9. U.S. flies nuclear-capable bombers in a fresh show of force against North Korea
10. [Special Report] Red flag raised over foreign interference in Korean elections
11. The Little Emergency that was the Korean War
12. Sohae Satellite Launching Station: Progress Continues Toward Kim’s Modernization and Expansion Plans
13. Hyundai chairwoman requests permission to visit North Korea's Kumgangsan
14. S. Korea, US hold annual defense ICT talks
15. S. Korea to launch upgraded missile defense operations center
16. US remains committed to working with S. Korea to secure peace in Indo-Pacific: Pentagon