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6/27/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 06/27/2023 - 9:24am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 26, 2023
2. Russia drops charges against Prigozhin and others who took part in brief rebellion
3. The Russian Mutiny Through a Chinese Lens
4. Russian mercenary chief Prigozhin is a 'dead man walking,' Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer says
5. Senate committee advances bill that may kill Army Combat Fitness Test
6. How this unit could shape the future of infantry battalions for decades
7. After mutiny, Putin says Wagner can go to Belarus, go home or fight for Russia
8. Cluster Munitions Are Biden’s Latest Slow-Roll on Ukraine Aid
9. Washington Needs to Get Ready for Russian Chaos
10. Wagner Is Preparing to Hand Over Heavy Weapons, Russian Military Says
11. Top general could become first female head of the British Army
12.  US Open to Expanding AUKUS
13. "The Wise Man Will Be Master of the Stars:" The Use of Twitter by the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Service
14. AI companies risk US national security by working with China. Time to choose sides
15. THE TAO OF DECEPTION PART I (Summer Fiction)
16. China offers closer military cooperation with Vietnam
17. It’s Time to Bring Back Conventional Deterrence Patrols
18. Explainer: The China-U.S. military chill: do they talk at all?
19. Army special forces' warfare strategies more relevant amid 'complex threats' faced by PH – Marcos
20. Biden is turning the screw on Putin even as US denies role in Russia’s insurrection
21. Palau under CCP pressure to switch recognition from Taiwan to China
22. Opinion | What happened in Russia — and what happens next? Our columnists weigh in.
23. 10th SFG(A) Trains With Swedish Home Guard | SOF News
24. The KGB, Sun Tzu and the Art of War

Korean News Content:

1. U.S.-South Korean Cyber Cooperation Can Combat North Korean Threats
2. North Korean hackers prioritize cyber spying over digital attacks, analysis shows
3. Military holds meeting of generals, admirals on N.K. deterrence, defense innovation
4. Drone unit aims to counter North Korea's evolving air threats
5. Everyone in South Korea Is About to Get One or Two Years Younger
6.  S. Korea, U.S., Mongolia launch joint consultative body on mineral resources
7. S. Korea's analysis of Fukushima release plan in final stage
8. Japan to put S. Korea back on preferential trade partner list after 4 years
9. Yoon says his 'sales diplomacy' helped attract massive investments
10.  Japan to put S. Korea back on preferential trade partner list after 4 years
11.  Inaugural U.S.-Mongolia-ROK Critical Minerals Dialogue Held in Ulaanbaatar
12.  North Korean state hackers discovered using wiretapping malware
13. #Koreas: The new alliances containing the #PRC.
14. US' unfinished involvement in Asia