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6/25/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 06/25/2023 - 12:21pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 24, 2023
2. Dictator Gets Upset When You Call Him a Dictator
3. Wagner’s Aborted Mutiny Leaves No Winners in Russia
4. U.S. Suspected Prigozhin Was Preparing to Take Military Action Against Russia
5. The Ultra-Secret Underwater Spy System That Might Have Heard the Titan Implode
6. Russian War Report Special Edition: Prigozhin and Wagner forces mutiny against Moscow
7. Site of Alleged Wagner Camp Attack Recently Visited by War Blogger
8. China’s foreign minister meets Russian official in Beijing after rebellion
9. US convenes nuclear weapons meeting with China, France, Russia, UK
10. What's going on in Russia?
11. Will India Surpass China to Become the Next Superpower?
12. How the mutiny in Russia will shape the battlefield in Ukraine
13. Putin’s Armor Has Been Pierced
14, Tech Startup Targets Missile Motors as Silicon Valley Moves Into Weapons
15. U.S. Senate committee passes 2024 NDAA with Taiwan provisions
16. Prigozhin’s Mutiny Is the Beginning of Putin’s End
17. Putin’s Armor Has Been Pierced
18. As Russia uprising subsides, U.S., allies brace for what comes next
19. Opinion  Putin finally learns the lesson all tyrants learn
20. US Army Pacific Kicks off Khaan Quest 23 in Mongolia, Strengthening International Cooperation
21. US special operators are tinkering with a low-tech kind of aircraft to overcome high-tech threats in future wars
22. Pivot to the Pacific? That Misses the Point
23. Opinion  Lecturing India’s leader on human rights is not the best path
24. Book Review: The Counterinsurgent Imagination: A New Intellectual History
25.  Meta to block news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada
26. Revenge on the CIF - How “The Haters” Cut Special Forces’ Last Link To JSOC

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea marks 73rd anniversary of Korean War
2. N. Korea claims expansion of BRICS could speed up end to U.S. dollar's supremacy
3. Opinion | America’s Asian allies are quietly joining forces to confront China
4. Taiwan and South Korea, once tech industry rivals, are joining forces under geopolitical pressure
5. N. Korea voices 'strong' support for Russia over Wagner's armed rebellion
6. Yoon lauds sacrifice of fallen soldiers on 73rd Korean War anniversary
7. As Putin’s Trusted Partner, Prigozhin Was Always Willing to Do the Dirty Work
8. The REAL power behind the North Korean throne revealed: Explosive new book exposes Kim Jong-un's little-known sister as a ruthless psychopath
9. A new approach to saving the old homes of Seoul
10. North Korean Market Prices Suggest Serious Food Shortages
11. Will full THAAD deployment trigger retaliatory measures from China?
12.  Five inmates at political prison camp publicly executed for causing a “disturbance”
13. S. Korea calls for peace through strength on 73rd Korean War anniversary
14. Inside North Korea’s strategy to stop defections by officials stranded abroad
15. Blinken called South Korea to discuss China visit; North Korea warns of stronger response
16. F-35 Stealth Fighters Are Training for War in North Korea's Backyard
17. North Korea's COVID-19 border closure prompted suicide spike, widespread starvation: 'it's heartless'