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6/20/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 06/20/2023 - 9:38am

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National Security News Content:

1. Blinken and Xi pledge to stabilize deteriorated US-China ties, but China rebuffs the main US request

2. Secretary Blinken’s Visit to the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

3.  When it comes to a war with Taiwan, many Chinese urge caution

4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 19, 2023

5. Analysis | U.S.-China ties are no longer in freefall, but it’s a rough road ahead

6. Russia attacks Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities in overnight air strikes

7. Beijing Plans a New Training Facility in Cuba, Raising Prospect of Chinese Troops on America’s Doorstep

8. China’s Rebound Hits a Wall, and There Is ‘No Quick Fix’ to Revive It

9. They Were Captured by the Russians. Then the Hardest Fight Began.

10. China Accepts the New Indo-Pacific Reality

11. India’s Modi Sees Unprecedented Trust With U.S., Touts New Delhi’s Leadership Role

12.  Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Now in the South China Sea

13. Where Did We Go Wrong in Afghanistan? (Review of Mike Vickers' new book)

14. Russia Sought to Kill Defector in Florida

15. Inside Phoenix Challenge — the conference series seeking to shape and bolster information operations

16. US DoD moves to secure domestic munitions production

17. Secretary Antony J. Blinken with Leila Fadel of NPR Morning Edition

18. Putin's 'Big Lie' Might Be a Scheme to Exit the Ukraine War

19. The Once and Future Need for SOF in the Great Power Competition

20. A lack of diversity is a national security risk

21. Is it any wonder military recruitment has fallen so dramatically over the past two years?

22. SOCKOR Change of Command June 2023 | SOF News

Korean News Content:

1. Blinken says he urged China to encourage N. Korea to act responsibly
2. Starvation turned young North Koreans into the 'Jangmadang Generation'. Outside Kim Jong Un's brutal reign, they're thriving       
3. Cabinet approves establishment of new drone command
4. A tripartite summit must be held shortly
5. Korea-US alliance serves as 'compass for freedom'
6. S. Korea should start mending China ties soon: experts
7.  S. Korea-US alliance should open new chapter for next 70 years, experts say
8. SOCKOR Change of Command June 2023 | SOF News
9. Korea, US urged to expand space cooperation into commercial sector
10. Mounting national debt erodes S. Korea's competitiveness: report
11. S. Korea crafts aggressive posture against potential NK drone infiltrations: source