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5/9/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 9:47am

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National Security News Content:

1. 'Battle of the Bay' underway in Tampa as part of military showcase

2. Masters of irregular warfare: U.S. Special Forces eye complex mission in ‘decisive decade’

3. Uncrewed systems are 'changing the character of war': top USSOCOM officials

4. USSOCOM seeks to expand industry ecosystem, wants more prototyping submissions

5. Spectrum dominance and counter-UAS at SOF Week

6. SEALs want loitering munitions aboard insert/extract patrol boats

7. Submarine delays push SEALs to find new underwater approaches

8. Budget strain pauses MC-130J amphibious project for special forces

9. Little Bird helicopter replacement in question after Army cancels FARA

10. Special operators set to pick light machine gun in new caliber

11. “Will to Fight” – Twenty-First-Century Insights from the Russo-Ukrainian War

12.  An Overlooked War – In Myanmar, poets, doctors and lawyers have traded life in the cities for jungle warfare.

13. NGA director pushes back at criticisms of agency, touts 'wetware,' tradecraft (EXCLUSIVE)

14. How disinformation works—and how to counter it

15. Information Advantage – A Combined Arms Approach

16. War Games Risk Stirring Up Troubled Waters as Philippines - Emboldened by US - Squares Up to Beijing at Sea

17. Israeli forces mass on Rafah's outskirts as US warns a major assault could halt arms

18. US Drone Warfare Faces Questions of Legitimacy, Study of Military Chaplains Shows

19. Defending Taiwan By Defending Ukraine

20. Russia’s Pro-Putin Elites

21. The East and South China Seas: One Sea, Near Seas, Whose Seas?

22. In Brief: The U.S.-Chinese Relationship

23. Marine Special Operations Paragliding Capabilities Emerge At Demonstration In Tampa

24. How the Kremlin's Information Warfare Influence U.S. Policymakers


26. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 8, 2024

27. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 8, 2024

28. 490. Future Dynamics of Warfare: Everyone is a Player, Everything is a Target

29. Top Army general in Pacific says Asian nations moving toward NATO-like cooperation to counter China

30. A Unit Syllabi to Professional Discourse

Korean News Content:

1. The Original Mastermind Behind North Korea’s Cult-of-Personality Propaganda Dies

2. Report to Congress on North Korea-Russia Relations 

3. Kim Jong Un demolishes his North Korean winter palace in ‘unusual’ move: report

4. Letter: Origins of the east Asia miracle relied heavily on protectionism

5. Kim Jong Un elevates provocations amid self-idolization efforts

6. Sinpho South Shipyard: Indications of New Submarine Construction

7. Increased Attention on Japanese Citizens Abducted by North Korea

8. N. Korean leader voices 'firm support' in his message to Putin over Victory Day

9. Unification ministry to install artwork symbolizing N.K. abductees at Seoul festival

10. Yoon apologizes for wife's 'unwise conduct'

11. Ruling party praises Yoon's 'frank' press conference; opposition criticizes lack of 'self-reflection'

12. Washington’s willingness to engage Pyongyang exposes rare rift with Seoul

13. Hundreds of North Koreans enter Russia in first quarter amid burgeoning ties

14. Canada to deploy aircraft to monitor illegal North Korean ship-to-ship transfers

15. Seoul to pursue amicable ties with Moscow despite North Korean arms trade: Yoon

16. [INTERVIEW] 'Trump's possible return will be mixed bag for South Korea'

17. Rapport between Kim Jong-un and Trump

18. N. Korea's monitoring of political tendencies won't work