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5/6/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 05/06/2024 - 5:55am

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National Security News Content:

1. Too few planners understand what special operators can do today
2. US AC-130J Ghostrider Destroys Chinese ‘Fishing Boat’ In Rare Military Drills Targeting Notorious Vessels
3. USSOCOM to deploy next-generation communications for sUAS in contested scenarios
4. The V-22 Osprey Is the U.S. Military's Problem Child Helicopter
5. The Pentagon is investigating whether special operators have committed war crimes, and if their commanders have even been checking
6. The dizzying pace of Ukrainian drone innovation
7. US command rites take on sharp tone over China’s ‘troubling actions’
8. China’s Chilling Cognitive Warfare Plans
9. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 5, 2024
10. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 5, 2024
11. How to Use and Misuse History in Cold War II With China
12. How TikTok Is Wiring Gen Z’s Money Brain
13. US about to build a whole lot more ATACMS
14. Foreign intelligence services are contracting out killings to gangs
15. In China, Ruled by Men, Women Quietly Find a Powerful Voice

Korean News Content:

1. INTERVIEW: Former North Korean diplomat on the drawbacks of being elite
2. Why North Korea's New M2020 Main Battle Tank Is Flashy Garbage
3. N.K. leader calls on public security officials to 'firmly defend' state unity
4. S. Korea, China in final stage of talks on FM Cho's visit to Beijing
5. Indonesia proposes cutting payment for joint fighter jet project with S. Korea to one-third
6. US election will 'never undermine bilateral business foundations' with Korea: KCCI chief
7. South Korea’s population to shrink to 39 million by 2065
8. Korean labor force to shrink by 10 million by 2044: report
9. Should we be laughing at dictators?
10. Visiting the North? Try the bibimbap, regime tells would-be tourists
11. One Of Kim Jong Un's Favorite Foods Is Simply Cheese
12. New Era In North Korea? Kim Jong Un Got Citizens To Pledge Loyalty Oath To Him For 40th Birthday