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5/29/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 05/29/2024 - 9:30am

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National Security News Content:

1. The obscure federal intelligence bureau that got Vietnam, Iraq, and Ukraine right
2. The International Criminal Court’s Appalling Misstep
3. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 28, 2024
4. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 28, 2024
5. Pentagon suspends aid deliveries via Gaza pier after repeated mishaps
6. Japan reports first sighting of new PLA combat drone over East China Sea
7. White House says Rafah strike does not violate Biden’s warnings to Israel
8. Putin warns West not to let Ukraine use its missiles to hit Russia
9. Sweden to donate $1.23 billion in military aid to Ukraine
10. Why NATO matters By Richard D. Hooker, Jr.
11. AFSOC Put 15 CV-22 Ospreys in Storage to Increase Mission Readiness for Rest of Fleet
12. Opinion - Do We Still Understand How Wars Are Won?
13. A new breakthrough could deepen US troops' dependence on Chinese batteries
14. Blacklisted Chinese Companies Rebrand as American to Dodge Crackdown
15. Across the Army, units lean into drone experimentation
16. Washington needs to tell China — attacking Taiwan means war with the US
17. Veterans should volunteer to train soldiers in Ukraine
18. America Needs More Predator Submarines to Stop China
19. Rare Earth Mining Taking Heavy Toll in Myanmar’s Kachin, Groups Say
20. Staging the Comeback of Mao in Xi Jinping's China
21. American Globalism Versus ‘America First’
22. Opinion - America’s Military Is Not Prepared for War — or Peace
23. Escaping the Zero-Sum Trap in Strategic Competition with China
24. How Ukraine Can Do More With Less
25. From the Shadows to the Social Sphere: Ukraine’s Strategy of Engagement
26. The 80th Anniversary of D-Day: An Opportunity to Seize

Korean News Content:

1. Joint Declaration of the Ninth ROK-Japan-China Trilateral Summit
2. China Courts U.S.’s Top Asian Allies on Trade, but Will It Succeed?
3. Why NATO matters By Richard D. Hooker, Jr.
4. North Korea drops balloons carrying trash in South
5. Quick Take: North Korea Jabs at China in Reaction to Trilateral Summit
6. Rare spat shows China, North Korea still at odds on nuclear weapons
7. Another Failed Satellite Launch at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station - Beyond Parallel
8. The North Korean and Chinese Threats Are Growing. But so Is the Trilateral Response.
9. Beijing’s nearest security threat isn’t in Taipei – it’s in North Korea
10. South Korean province awakes to North Korea ‘air raid’ alarm
11.  N. Korea sends over 260 balloons carrying trash into S. Korea: Seoul military
12. <Inside N. Korea> Regime hands out rice to rural food-short households, “Pay back in the fall with 30% interest”
13. N. Korean leader slams S. Korea's show of force against Pyongyang's satellite launch
14. S. Korea mulls suit against N. Korea in case of Pyongyang's full-scale use of Kaesong complex
15. Young N. Koreans want to watch hit S. Korean movie "Exhuma"