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5/14/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 05/14/2024 - 6:29am

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National Security News Content:

1. Pentagon seeks to expand special ops authorities for friendly nations
2. American Special Operations Forces Are At A Crossroads
3. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 13, 2024
4.Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 13, 2024
5. Philippines Probes Alleged Chinese Disinformation Campaign Over South China Sea
6. AI And Global Security Landscape: Opportunities, Challenges, And Urgent Need For Collaboration
7. Is China Grabbing The South China Sea?
8. Blinken Arrives in Ukraine to Boost Spirits, Funnel U.S. Military Aid
9. The Misfits Russia Is Recruiting to Spy on the West
10. The Biden Administration’s Commitment to Self-Sabotage
11.  Facing Russian Advance, a Top Ukrainian General Paints a Bleak Picture
12. U.S. threats led to rupture of vital military ties, Nigerien leader says
13. File Not Found: Russia Is Hacking Evidence of Its War Crimes
14. Every Arsenal Needs Its Fans: The Missing Piece in the National Defense Industrial Strategy Is Voters
15. Understanding the Counterdrone Fight: Insights from Combat in Iraq and Syria
16. Harnessing GRAT for Irregular Warfare in Great Power Competition
17. Missing in Action: Western Minds
18. Why the Biden Administration's Iran Sanctions Waivers Are Futile

Korean News Content:

1. Ex-Marine who raided DPRK Embassy makes case against extradition to US public
2. A Marine veteran says he tried to help North Koreans in Spain defect. Now he faces the threat of assassination
3. Exclusive: US expert says N. Korea’s rocket factory is Pyeonghwa Motors, visited by ex-S. Korea President Roh
4. Exclusive: South Korean and U.S. special forces commanders set for first meeting in late May
5. Rifle in hand, Kim Jong Un calls for more powerful North Korean weapons
6. Young North Korean recruits tell parents they are fed meager rations
7. Unification minister reiterates need for new unification blueprint
8. S. Korea to stage drills against large-scale aerial attack
9. New Japanese ambassador to S. Korea to take up post this week: sources
10. S. Korea, China agree to work for successful trilateral summit with Japan: Seoul ministry
11. Passenger rail service linking Russia to N. Korea set to resume: official
12. N. Korean municipal delegation heads for Russia's Far East
13. N. Korean science, technology delegation leaves for Russia
14. As relations between China and N. Korea improve, defectors in China worry about repatriations
15. Growing number of defectors in China shelve plans to head to S. Korea