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5/14/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 11:01am

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National Security News Content:

1. Zelensky, in private, plots bold attacks inside Russia, leak shows
2. For Russians, Reading Is the New Resistance
3. How the Ukraine War Ends: Putin Gets Crushed by 'Guerilla' Fighters?
4. Soldier, single mom of two, perseveres to find balance
5. EU and US to pledge joint action over China concerns
6. The Bid to Dethrone the Dollar: The greenback’s dominance is here to stay. Here’s why.
7. U.S.-Thai Relations Have An Alliance Problem
8. From Rahmbo to Rahm-bassador: How an unlikely diplomat has wooed Japan
9. Opinion | It’s time to hold Russia accountable for its use of chemical weapons
10. Zelensky interview transcript: ‘Ukraine must win’
11. G-7 summit spotlights Japan’s growing role as strategic link for East Asia security
12. Why the Mk16 SCAR-L failed with Special Forces
13. Patriots Deployed Near Taiwan, Chinese PLA Warships Sighted Near Japan; Is Indo-Pacific Emerging The Next Battle Ground?
14.  "Osprey get out:" Okinawa protesters call for closure of U.S. military bases
15. Special Forces Soldiers Reveal First Details of Battle With Russian Mercenaries in Syria
16. Analysis: Why is Vladimir Putin standing by Russian General Valery Gerasimov after four key failures during the Ukraine war?
17. Opinion: Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (UASOF) – They’re Coming for You
18. DOD Managers Need a New Approach. SOCOM Can Lead the Way
19. The Real Reason Why the U.S. Military's All-Volunteer Force Is In Trouble
20. Armed Overwatch special-ops turboprop enters low-rate production
21. Mattis + Vickers: An "Oh So Social" Conversation  (General Jim Mattis interviews Dr. Michael Vickers about his forthcoming memoir.) (OSS Society)

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon to meet with Biden, Kishida on margins of G-7 summit
2. Experts: Seoul-Tokyo Detente Helps Washington Counter Beijing
3. G-7 summit spotlights Japan’s growing role as strategic link for East Asia security
4. Rewards for quality information suggest rise in defection by elite N. Koreans
5. S. Korea-US-Japan to hold summit in Hiroshima without joint statement
6. The Liberty Times Editorial: Seoul’s China shift offers lessons
7. 4 ex-labor union officials indicted for alleged espionage at N. Korea's instruction
8. Why South Korea Won’t Build Nukes Despite the Threat From North Korea
9. Pressured by China, South Korean NGO Stands Firm on Rights Award
10. Japan Prime Minister touts greater trust with South Korea
11. South Korea alleges spies messaged North Korean handlers via YouTube comments
12. Al Gore calls on S. Korea to prioritize investments in clean energy
13. [Lee Kyong-hee] History matters in Korea-US-Japan relations



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