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4/29/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 04/29/2024 - 7:31am

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National Security News Content:

1. Film documents OSS World War II contributions from Hollywood’s finest
2. US SPECIAL FORCES: Uncertain Days (A Visual Poem)
3. Bringing Russia to Its Knees
4. Regional operations directorates adapt to changes amid USASAC reorganization
5. Situation on frontline has worsened, Ukraine army chief says
6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 28, 2024
7.  Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, April 28, 2024
8. Why the West will refuse to fight – Citizens won't sacrifice themselves
9. Israeli Officials Believe I.C.C. Is Preparing Arrest Warrants Over War
10. As Colleges Weigh Crackdowns on Protests, Questions About Outsiders Linger
11. On Columbia University and Coach Handbags
12. Farewell to China’s Strategic Support Force. Let’s meet its replacements
13. Marine special operators are using fiction to envision the future
14. Xi shakes up China’s military in rethink of how to ‘fight and win’ future wars
15. Mounting Evidence Is Pointing To A Nightmare Scenario For The U.S. Economy
16. All Ethnic Groups Under Fire in Karen State
17.  Ukraine Bets on Long-Range Drones, Raising Costs of War for Russia
18.  NATO’s Top Officer Is an Admiral Who Thinks Like an Investor
19. How Columbia University's complex history with the student protest movement echoes into today
20. The Forgotten Part of the Contest: Army Logistics in the Pacific
21. Why the Military Can’t Trust AI
22. War Unbound – Gaza, Ukraine, and the Breakdown of International Law
23. Opinion | Despite the Ukraine aid vote, the neo-isolationist threat still looms by Max Boot
24. US Ready to Train More Ukrainian Troops If Called Upon, Top White House Official Says
25. The naming dispute between India & China
26. War analysts say Ukraine should treat the latest US aid package like it's the last one it'll get
27. So does the Air Force have new aces now?
28. Some in State Department don’t believe Israel is using US weapons in accordance with international law, source says

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea installs mines on inter-Korean road within DMZ
2. N. Korea decries U.S. shipment of long-range tactical missiles to Ukraine as 'mean' policy
3. Yoon's approval rating falls for 3 weeks straight to 30.2 pct
4. Hanwha Systems to break ground on space center on Jeju Island
5. Pukchang Military Airfield Modernization Making Progress
6. S. Korean ministers, Australian PM agree to enhance security, defense industry cooperation
7. North mined all roads connecting the two Koreas: JCS
8. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un seeks to build on Russia ties to resuscitate economy
9. Experts are guiding the U.S. to the wrong policy on North Korea: we must not accept Kim’s nuclear-weapon-program
10. N. Korea updates training video for overseas workers in response to Daily NK reports
11. N. Korean military orders end to violence at boot camps
12. Luxury on Display: Kim Jong-un’s motorcade challenges UN sanctions
13. AMCHAM spotlights education infrastructure as key to S. Korea’s Asia-Pacific hub success
14. Editorial: What’s going on in South Korea, pushing the ‘world’s top semiconductor cluster’?
15. After Zhao Leji’s Visit, What’s Next for China-North Korea Relations?
16. South Korea tries to Trump-proof the alliance
17. Deciphering North Korea’s Policy Shift: Annihilation of ROK vs. End of Kim Regime