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4/28/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 04/28/2024 - 11:28am

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National Security News Content:

1. Building Militaries in Fragile States: Challenges for the United States (Book review)
2. Nighttime with Ukraine’s drone hunting teams
3. A Disturbance in the Force: The Reorganization of People’s Liberation Army Command and Elimination of China’s Strategic Support Force
4. How TikTok Lost the War in Washington
5. Why Turning It Off and Turning It Back On Is Gadget-Fixing Magic
6. World War II History Haunts Attempts to Seize Russian Assets
7. The Honeytrap Resistance: Women who lure Putin's soldiers to their deaths with promises of sex.
8. The Axis of Autocrats
9. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, April 26, 2024
10. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 27, 2024
11. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, April 27, 2024
12. US Pacific commander says China is pursuing ‘boiling frog’ strategy
13. Former Russian sex spy reveals how she manipulated her targets into becoming ‘obsessed’ with her
14. Myanmar: Civil war of 'many against many' tearing country up
15. Xi’s Imperial Ambitions Are Rooted in China’s History
16. Passage of Ukraine Aid Bill Could Mark a Turning Point in American Foreign Policy
17.  With U.S. aid resumed, Ukraine will try to dig itself out of trouble

Korean News Content:

1. The Cornerstone: Strategic Lessons for ROK from the U.S.-Japan Summit
2. The Axis of Autocrats
3. Kim Jong Un rolls up with six new Toyota SUVs in convoy at latest appearance
4. S. Korea, Cuba agree to open diplomatic missions
5. Poland’s New South Korean-Built ATACMS-Like Ballistic Missile Seen Firing For The First Time
6. South Korea's Hanwha to supply more rocket launchers to Poland for $1.64 billion
7. Why South Korean pop culture rocks and North Korea’s does not
8.  US Congress finally passes foreign aid: What are takeaways for US allies?
9. Glorifying pro-democracy activists (ROK)
10. HRNK Board Elects New Co-Chair and Co-Vice-Chair, Bids Farewell to Outgoing Directors
11. Kim Jong Un guides test of rocket developed by ‘newly-founded’ military factory