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4/16/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 04/16/2024 - 10:29am

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National Security News Content:

1.  The Lessons of Israeli Missile Defense
2. The U.S. Has Received a Rare Invitation From China. There Is Only One Right Answer.
3. House Speaker Mike Johnson pushes towards a vote on aid for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan
4. In a decisive moment like this, Israel has to reaffirm its strength by striking back - editorial
5. Review says Abbey Gate bombing wasn’t preventable
6. Victory and Failure in the Great American-Israeli Eastern Mediterranean Range Day MISSILEX of April 2024
7. Fake Footage of Iran’s Attack on Israel Is Going Viral
8. Federal criminal investigation opened into Key Bridge crash
9. Israel’s War Leaders Don’t Trust One Another
10. All the US assets that helped repel Iran’s attack on Israel
11. Army Could Face Resistance from Congress as It Eyes Cuts to Education Benefits
12. Out of INF, Army deploys Typhon weapon to the Philippines
13. SM-3 Ballistic Missile Interceptor Used for First Time in Combat, Officials Confirm
14. Opinion | What it means when the mercenaries appear
15. The epic fail of Biden’s doctrine vs. Iran — no consequences
16. A Test of Strength
17. Opinion | A quandary in Israel: How to retaliate — but not escalate?
18. China accused of running sleeper cells to sow discord
19. Japan's Ukraine aid creates new rift with Russia
20. Opinion | What the United States needs to do after Iran’s attack on Israel
21. A DHS Office of Foreign Influence and Interference—Break Down Barriers to Protect US Democracy and Public Safety
22. The Talks That Could Have Ended the War in Ukraine
23. Japan’s China Reckoning
24. Call in the Coast Guard: How Maritime Law Enforcement Can Combat China’s Gray-Zone Aggression
25. Houthi Attacks in the Red Sea: A New Twist on the Jeune École?
26. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, April 15, 2024
27. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 15, 2024

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon discusses Mideast tensions, N.K. issues with U.S. envoy
2. US envoy to UN urges Russia, China not to 'reward' North Korea's bad behaviour
3. S. Korea reaffirms capabilities to respond to N. Korean attack after Iran’s missile salvo
4. S. Korea, US hold NK human rights talks in Washington
5. The communist front that North Korea targeted in its unification policy overhaul
6. S. Korea 'strongly' protests Tokyo's renewed claims to Dokdo, calls in Japanese diplomat
7. Pro-Russian hacking group paralyzes website of North Korea’s airline
8. <Inside N. Korea> Government confiscates private plots of farmland and forces people to return farming
9. Japan's Ukraine aid creates new rift with Russia
10. How the Sewol Sinking Changed South Korea
11. Senior US officials discuss N. Korea, Taiwan, South China Sea in talks with Beijing officials
12. U.S. envoy, FM Cho discuss ways to build new mechanism for N.K. sanctions monitoring
13. How North Korea exploited the tragic Sewol ferry sinking for anti-ROK propaganda
14. What are implications of US Army's structural transformation for Seoul?
15. 5 kinds of North Korean refugees
16. This is not Lee Jay-myung's victory
17. North can genetically engineer biological weapons, U.S. report warns
18. Satellite imagery reveals nighttime lights at North Korea's Camp 22