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4/12/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 04/12/2024 - 9:07am

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National Security News Content:

1.  In the Arctic, American commandos game out a great-power war
2. Joint Vision Statement from the Leaders of Japan, the Philippines, and the United States | The White House
3.  Fact Sheet: Celebrating the Strength of the U.S.-Philippines Alliance | The White House
4. Readout of President Biden’s Meeting with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. | The White House
5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 11, 2024
6. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, April 11, 2024
7. U.S. Sends a Top General to Israel Amid Fears of Iranian Strikes
8. Manchin Questions DoD Special Operations And Cyber Commanders On Modern Role Of U.S. Special Forces, Establishment Of East Coast Training Venue
9. U.S., Japan Military-to-Military Relationship Reaches 'New Heights'
10. Why Peace Games? Insights from East Asia
11. FBI director concerned lone wolf or small groups will draw 'twisted inspiration' from events in Middle East, Russia
12. Army Special Forces students are learning Ukrainian in new language course
13. Congressional panel recommends 15% pay increase for enlisted troops
14. Higher enlisted pay, full housing stipends included in new House plan
15. AUKUS allies float path for Japan to join tech sharing pact
16. House Speaker Mike Johnson is negotiating with White House to advance Ukraine aid
17. Ukraine war: How to check Russia's momentum
18. Operationalizing a Doctrine for U.S. Economic Statecraft
19. Biden says US support for Philippines, Japan defense 'ironclad' amid growing China provocations
20. Don’t Abandon Iraq
21. V-22 Ospreys will be critical to US operations in Haiti — here’s why
22. Global economy now has its own ‘Three-Body Problem’
23. China’s divided memory of the Cultural Revolution
24. The New Movie ‘Civil War’ Matters for Reasons Different Than You Think
25. Jung’s Five Pillars of a Good Life

Korean News Content:

1. U.S., Japan, Philippines stress Korean Peninsula denuclearization goal, decry N.K. threats
2. Seoul envoy says Russia vetoed U.N. panel mandate extension to hide its 'dark spot'
3. UN Panel of Experts: The Final Act
4. NATO and the Republic of Korea: The AP4 in the Indo-Pacific
5. S. Korea, U.S. reaffirm plan for tabletop exercise on nuclear use by N. Korea
6. U.S.-led IPEF agreement on supply chains to come into force in S. Korea next week
7. Kakao becomes 1st S. Korean firm to join global open-source AI Alliance
8. US Navy secretary says he was 'floored' by a Pacific ally's shipbuilding abilities amid American warship production woes
9. S. Korea, U.S. begin large-scale annual air drills
10. Lots and lots of Dell computers (in north Korea)
11. Satellite images show Russia-North Korea arms trade
12. Why Peace Games? Insights from East Asia
13. South Korea’s national debt escalates by 450 trillion won over 5 years
14. Editorial: S. Korea’s national debt ratio exceeds 50% for the first time - populist policies must be stopped
15. <Investigation> Why aren’t North Korea’s women having babies anymore? (3)  'We aren't stupid, we don't want have kids who’ll turn into homeless'…Women have quietly rejected Birth Demands
16. High-profile defector-lawmaker Tae Yong-ho loses parliament seat in ROK election
17. Despite opposition win, ROK election just reinforced North Korea status quo
18. N. Korea sends workers to eastern Ukraine to help reconstruction efforts
19. Young N. Koreans find ways to avoid crackdowns on S. Korean dramas, movies
20. Young North Koreans are taking pains to avoid military service
21. China's top legislator Zhao meets key N. Korean official over ways to bolster bilateral ties
22. South Korean military paves way for robotic vehicles in its ranks