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3/28/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 03/28/2024 - 9:42am

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National Security News Content:

1. Aid for Ukraine Benefits the U.S. in More Ways Than One
2. Twilight of the Wonks by Walter Russell Mead
3. Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (CRS Report)
4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 27, 2024
5. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 27, 2024
6. Ukraine Takes the War to Russia’s Oil Refineries
7. Putin is "losing control" in Russia: Dictator expert
8. Gigantic Ships Are a Danger—and a Lifeline
9. To Thwart Iran, Fight a War of Attrition
10. An America at Risk
11. Burnings and beheadings: Myanmar junta escalates terror tactics against its people
12. Majority of Americans now oppose Israeli action in Gaza: Gallup poll
13. The roots of this unofficial Nazi-inspired Army Green Beret logo
14. 17 Books Every Service Member Should Read, According to Troops and Veterans
15. Despite common rhetoric, war with China unlikely in near future
16. America Needs a Dead Hand More than Ever
17. It’s Time for a Comprehensive National Maritime Strategy
18. Press Release: Evaluation of the DoD’s Military Information Support Operations Workforce
19. A Time for Choosing”:  Urgent Action or Continuing Folly (US Alliances)
20. America, Iran, and the Patron’s Dilemma
21. Don’t Betray the Women of Afghanistan
22. Towed artillery has reached ‘end of the effectiveness,’ Army four-star declares
23. American Strategy on the Brink
24. The World’s Unpopular Leaders

Korean News Content:

1. Russia's foreign intelligence chief visits N. Korea this week
2. Massive Russian cargo plane linked to missile trade flies to North Korea
3. Launching the U.S.-ROK Enhanced Disruption Task Force
4. U.S., South Korea launch task force to thwart North Korean oil smuggling
5. An America at Risk
6. How Incheon Airport became a logistics hub for China’s e-commerce giants
7. Chinese part of Mt. Paekdu named UNESCO global geopark
8. S. Korean military says no signs of imminent N. Korean satellite launch
9. Sohae Satellite Launching Station: New Activity at the Coastal Launch Pad
10. S. Korean military says no signs of imminent N. Korean satellite launch
11. New US sanctions target North Korean military finances
12. Construction at North Korea’s Kangson Facility: Probable Storage or Offices
13. Contemplating Possible Outcomes and Implications of the South Korean General Election
14. Why ASEAN is South Korea’s lifeline for mediation with the North
15. Why are North Koreans avoiding the upper floors of newly built apartments?
16. N. Korean overseas work candidates warned of consequences of not sharing earnings with government
17. Forging a New Era of U.S.-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Cooperation
18. “A Time for Choosing”:  Urgent Action or Continuing Folly (US Alliances)
19. S Korean trade, diplomacy trending away from China
20. The World’s Unpopular Leaders