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3/26/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 03/26/2024 - 9:58am

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National Security News Content:

1. US must establish independent military cyber service to fix 'alarming' problems — report
2. FOLLOW-UP Comments: Army puts drones front and center in unfunded wishlist
3. What Ukraine Needs from NATO
4. Israel Cancels Visit to Washington After U.S. Abstains on U.N. Cease-Fire Resolution
5. Arab Nations Balk at Funding U.N. Aid Agency Vital to Palestinians
6. Why America Is Still Failing in Iraq
7. ‘Duty to warn’ guided US advance warning of the Moscow attack. Adversaries don’t always listen
8. ‘The goal was a massacre on Tel Aviv’: Hamas's full plan for October 7 revealed
9. More upheaval at Pentagon policy shop as top official steps down
10. The Bitter Choices in Fighting Terrorism by Walter Russell Mead
11. China’s Third Plenum Is Long Overdue. That’s a Red Flag.
12. Russia Is Back to the Stalinist Future
13. Is This a Revolution? Or Are People Just Very Ticked Off?
14. Rebel groups kill officials recruiting for Myanmar’s junta
15. The robots are coming: US Army experiments with human-machine warfare
16. Ukraine relies on Starlink for its drone war. Russia appears to be bypassing sanctions to use the devices too
17. Millions of Americans caught up in Chinese hacking plot - US
18. House speaker picks China panel leader to replace Gallagher
19. Organizing to Deter or Prevail in Space Warfare
20. The Indo-Pacific strategy's fatal blind spot
21. Can Startup Culture and Army Culture Coexist? Lessons from the Creation of the 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade
22. The biggest threat from China is right under our noses — and on our screens
23. How to keep China out of the Pentagon’s weapons
24. China’s Gray Zone Air Power
25. When Understanding Goes M.I.A: Lost in Metaphors, Idioms, and Analogies


Korean News Content:

1. North Korea's signals to Japan intended to weaken 3-way cooperation with S. Korea, US
2. S. Korea making diplomatic efforts for extension of U.N. expert panel on N. Korea sanctions
3.  N. Korea refuses all contact, including summit, with Japan
4. U.S. restates importance of dialogue after N. Korea says Kishida seeks summit with Kim
5. Key N. Korean officials pay condolence visit to Russian Embassy in Pyongyang over Moscow attack
6. Ryanggang province restores coronavirus emergency command as cases increase
7. Wagner Group helped smuggle North Korean weapons to Russia: Report
8. South Korea-China Economic Relations: A Comprehensive Approach to Markets, Factories and Supply Chains
9. ‘Impossible’ to gauge North Korean humanitarian need without access: Aid groups
10. North Korean TV censors blue jeans while airing British gardening show
11. Korea’s last Boeing 747 makes its final flight for retirement
12. USFK to be hit with electricity bill hikes this year
13. Experts suggest idea of using S. Korea's 105 mm rounds to support Ukraine
14. Kim Jong-un's threats prompt reflection on Korean identity
15. The Indo-Pacific strategy's fatal blind spot
16. Defense chief urges defense of NLL on anniversary of Cheonan sinking
17. Haste makes waste when it comes to the North