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3/22/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 03/22/2024 - 9:31am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 21, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 21, 2024
3. U.S. admiral refutes report of special forces permanently stationed in Kinmen
4. U.S. Ratchets Up Pressure on Israel With a Vote Friday on Cease-Fire Resolution at U.N.
5. China’s Public Wants to Make a Living, Not War
6. Immigration Is Helping the U.S. Edge Out Asia
7. American Military-Civil Fusion at Risk with the Loss of the Shift Fellowship
8. The Case Against TikTok Is Thin at Best
9. Monthly bonuses for junior troops included in defense budget plan
10.'2054' Is a Novel of the New Atomic Bomb and the Next American Civil War
11. A Japanese Osprey takes flight nearly 4 months after fatal Air Force crash
12. Command Sgt. Maj. JoAnn Naumann: ‘I pushed until I got the opportunities’
13. Indo-Pacific Command to test prototype of Joint Fires Network this year
14. Use 'hedge forces' to break the Pentagon's force-structure death spiral
15. Army Writing and the Zombie (Noun) Apocalypse
16. Food Weaponization Makes a Deadly Comeback
17. China’s Xi Jinping to Meet U.S. CEOs in Beijing Next Week

Korean News Content:

1. USFK commander points out S. Korea's defense production capabilities for contingency logistics support
2. U.S. official notes Korean firms' move not to sell used chip equipment to China as 'encouraging'
3. Bolton says Trump wants to be treated like N. Korean leader Kim
4. Yoon warns N. Korea of 'larger price' for 'reckless' provocation
5. 'Beyond Utopia' captures 2 defector families' harrowing odyssey in documentary
6. Korean Air to order 33 Airbus A350 Aircraft
7. 100,000 North Koreans work abroad, earning US$500 million a year: UN
8. ‘In rhythm every day’: Annual review places Camp Humphreys commissary best in class
9. High level North Korean delegation visits China
10. <Inside N. Korea> Implementation of the large-scale restructuring of trading companies(2) Trading companies criticized for becoming run like "personal property" and for corrupt activities.
11. N. Hamgyong Province’s crackdown on generators causes panic
12. Dedicated Dodgers fans visit Korea and DMZ, hope to score tickets to season opener
13. U.S. and Republic of Korea to Negotiate Cost-Sharing
14. Ohtani Brings Koreans, Japanese Together at MLB Opener in Seoul