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3/20/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 03/20/2024 - 9:37am

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National Security News Content:

1. Symbolism or Strategy? Ukraine Battles to Retain Small Gains.
2. Afghanistan withdrawal errors came despite military concerns
3. The senators who could fill Trump’s national security cabinet
4. With pause in US aid, Ukraine’s allies rally to ponder what’s next
5. Uncle Sam’s Guide to Peace and Prosperity
6. Israel Has Killed a Top Hamas Commander in Gaza. It Took Five Months.
7. There will be no ‘short, sharp’ war. A fight between the US and China would likely go on for years.
8. The ‘Lost Decade’ of the US Pivot to Asia
9. The Air Force's Dream of Mounting a Laser Weapon on an AC-130J Ghostrider Gunship Is Dead
10. Army General Pressured Assessment Panel to Help Career of 'Ineffective' Officer
11. “Disabling cyberattacks” are hitting critical US water systems, White House warns
12. The U.S. Military's New Defense Budget Makes No Sense
13. Huge claim about origins of Covid-19 by leading Aussie epidemiologist
14. Only One-Third of Military Families Would Still Recommend Service, Blue Star Families Survey Finds
15. Taiwan Acknowledges Presence of U.S. Troops on Outlying Islands
16. US military hit with embarrassing report exposing failings and vulnerability to China
17. Pacific force’s wish list seeks $11 billion more than defense proposal
18. SOCOM Cuts Armed Overwatch Buy from 75 to 62 Aircraft
19. Opinion | Ukrainians have a message for Mike Johnson
20. Guam defense tops INDOPACOM's unfunded priorities, NORTHCOM wants more IT
21. Fast food or the military? Recruiting solutions overlook the obvious
22. Two ways to fix Army recruiting
23. Revisiting the Tanker War
24. Swarm Clouds on the Horizon? Exploring the Future of Drone Swarm Proliferation
25. The Creeping Politicization of the U.S. Military
26. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 19, 2024
27. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 19, 2024

Korean News Content:

1. Expert proposes new unification strategies based on existing formula
2. N. Korea conducts ground engine test for new hypersonic missile
3. US hinting at 'interim steps' with NK doesn't indicate policy shift: experts
4. US lawmaker notes S. Korea’s primary concern on NK threats in Taiwan contingency
5. HII is Awarded $305 Million Contract to Protect U.S. Regional Interests in the Republic of Korea
6. Experts say NK's ground engine test for new hypersonic missile may still need improvement
7. North Korea’s Latest Missile Test May Be Show for Exports to Russia
8. North Koreans shocked as Cuba establishes ties with South Korea
9. With little leverage over North Korea, U.S. military drills hold key to negotiations
10. N. Korean infants not properly vaccinated: unification minister
11. What we know about Kim Ju Ae’s chances for succession so far
12. N. Korea tightens security around weapons factories to prevent information leaks
13. Kim Jong Un appears to have piled on the pounds after losing weight
14. N. Korea orders Russia-based companies to restrict workers’ contact with S. Koreans
15. South Korea Can Be a Democratic Leader