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3/14/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 03/14/2024 - 6:51am

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National Security News Content:

1. West Point deletes ‘duty, honor, country’ from mission statement - Critics see 'woke' attitudes at work as MacArthur's words edited out

2. House Passes B  to Ban TikTok or Force Sale of the Chinese Video App

3. Biden Shrinks the U.S. Military

4. The U.S. Military Is Running Short on Ammunition—and So Is Ukraine

5. Haiti Is Facing an Insurgency, Not a Gang Problem

6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 13, 2024

7. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 13, 2024

8. TikTok’s Security Threats Go Beyond the Scope of House Legislation

9. On the Tripwire of a ‘Red Line,’ It’s Often Presidents Who Trip

10. Hamas has been shattered. Now it is fighting to survive

11. Haiti’s Chaos Shows How Far U.S. Stability Efforts Have to Go

12. Report to Congress on General and Flag Officers

13. JFK's Funeral Was the Only State Burial in US History to Feature a Foreign Military Unit

14. Shipbuilding: the new battleground in the US-China trade war

15. Army 4-star eyes new opportunities, exercises focused on sustainment, logistics in Indo-Pacific

16. Army should permanently station armor brigade in Poland, report argues

17. U.S. expected to impose new sanctions against settler outposts in occupied West Bank

18. Sweden Scrambles to Intercept Russian Aircraft Within Hours of NATO Flag Raising

19. Philippines, US Should Revisit Treaty To Include China’s ‘Gray-Zone’ Tactics – Analysis

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korean leader boasts striking power of new battle tank

2. S. Korea stages live-fire drills with U.S. military engineers near inter-Korean border

3. Cho, Blinken to discuss alliance, peninsula issues next week: foreign ministry

4. S. Korea to seek cooperation with U.S., Japan over N. Korea's abductee issue

5. Another U.S.-N.K. summit unlikely even if Trump is reelected: U.S. expert

6. Trump isn't unpredictable – Seoul should prepare for return of Trump

7. Is Kim Jong-un nervous about Elon Musk's 'Starlink'?

8. Detention of South Korean demonstrates Russia's hostage diplomacy: experts

9. US committee co-chairs call for stopping seafood imports from Chinese firms using NK workers

10.Ukraine war and case of North Korea

11. N. Korean overseas worker welcomes New S. Korean holiday for defectors

12.  <Inside N. Korea> Workers frustrated by worsening workplace rations…Some call out company officials in rare rebuke

13. Sanctioned Russian Plane in Pyongyang as Arms Trade Picks Up

14. S. Korea, US close major springtime exercise against N. Korean threats