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30 July SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP


Retiring Envoy to Afghanistan Exhorts US to Heed Its Past - NYT

Unexploded Ordnance in Afghanistan Poses Hidden Threat - BS

Afghan Truckers a Forgotten Front in a War Growing Deadlier - Reuters

Best Time for Taliban Talks Is Now - PI opinion



Allies Rebuke Pakistan on Cross-Border Attacks - NYT

Pakistan Unrelenting in Demanding End to CIA's Drone Strikes - AP

Officials: US Drone Strike Kills 4 in NW Pakistan - AP



Battle Rages in Syria's Aleppo - VOA

Syria Vows to Crush Aleppo Rebels - BBC

Syria's Rebels Hold Aleppo Neighborhoods - AP

Syria Says It Recaptures Aleppo District After Battle - Reuters

US to Rebels: Don’t Repeat Mistakes of Iraq - WP

Syria's Uprising: From Rocks to RPGs - CNN

Russia Has Doubts About Syria President’s Ability to Hold On - LAT

Panetta Says Syria's Assad Hastening Own Demise - AP

Panetta: Syria Strikes Putting 'Nail in Assad's Own Coffin' - Reuters

Arab League Chief Sees Syria War Crimes - Reuters

Syrian FM Says Foreign Plot Is to Blame For Violence - NYT

Saudi Says Syrians Should Be Enabled 'to Protect Themselves' - Reuters

Syrian Refugees Stung by a Hostile Reception in Iraq - NYT

Jordan Opens Camp to Deal With More Syrian Refugees - Reuters

NATO Misled the World on Syria - TS opinion



Panetta Says US, Israel Unified in Support of Iran Sanctions - WP

Panetta Sidesteps Issue of Israel’s Plans on Iran - Reuters

Romney Says 'Unacceptable' for Iran to Get Nuclear Weapon - VOA

Romney Issues Sharp Defense of Israel’s Stance on Iran - NYT

In Israel, Romney Talks Tough on Iran - CNN

Romney: US Has 'Moral Duty' to Block Iran - BBC

Romney Talks Tough on Iran During Visit to Israel - Reuters

Report: US Presents Israel with Iran Strike Plan - AP

Iran Leader: Stop Exporting Oil, Make New Economy - AP

Iran Urges Baby Boom - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Panetta to Explore ‘Big Buckets’ of Issues on Trip - AFPS

Panetta Heads to Mideast; Syria High on the Agenda - AP

Romney Backs Israel’s Right to Defend Itself - WP

In Israel, Romney Declares Jerusalem to Be Capital - AP

West Bank’s Emerging Silicon Valley Evades Issues of Borders - NYT

Israel Kills Palestinian at West Bank Checkpoint - Reuters

Officials: 7 Iraqi Police Killed in Attacks - AP

Nearly Half of Yemen Faces Hunger - VOA

Gunmen Briefly Seize Security Building in Yemen - AP

Italian Embassy Guard Kidnapped in Yemen - AP

UAE Arrests 10 More Islamists in Crackdown - Reuters

Egypt’s Islamists Tread Lightly, but Skeptics Squirm - NYT

Egypt Reopens Tombs to Woo Tourists - WP

Convoy of Libyan General Attacked in East - AP


US Department of Defense

With Shift to Drones, War is Often Waged from Home - LAT

Drones: A Day Job Waiting for a Kill Shot a World Away - NYT

2005 BRAC Cost More, Saved Less than Estimated - S&S

Marines Aim to Counter Teachers' Opposition to Recruiting Students - S&S

Pvt. Danny Chen Killed Himself Not Knowing of Planned Transfer - S&S

Judge Drops 2 Charges Against Holcomb in Chen Court-martial - FO

Navy Christens Last of Three Ships Honoring 9/11 Sites - AP


United States

Judge Finds Iraq Vet Blake Uddin Not Guilty in Crime Spree - ST


United Kingdom

Olympic Organizers Respond to Public Complaints of Empty Seats - VOA

Police 'Lost' Security Keys at Olympic Venue - AP

Soldiers Fill Empty Olympic VIP Seats as Storm Grows - CNN

Troops, Students, Teachers to Fill Olympic Seats - AP

3 Charged for Cyclist Protest Outside Olympic Park - AP



US is the Driving Force Behind the Fighting in Somalia - LAT

Ivory Coast Leader Foresees Mali Intervention Soon - AP

Mali President Announces New Posts in Transition Shake-Up - Reuters

Mali's Interim President Says He 'Trusts' Army - AP

Islamists: Couple in Northern Mali Stoned to Death - AP

Congo's Kabila: Rwanda's Rebel Backing No Secret - Reuters

Congo President Accuses Rwanda of Backing Rebels - AP

Nigerian Boko Haram Suspects Kill 5 in Kano - Reuters

Kenya: Arrests Over Venezuela Envoy's Death - BBC

3 Sudanese Athletes Sought Asylum in Britain - AP



Colombian Rebels Release Pilots - BBC

Bolivia Polls Natives on Jungle Highway - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

China: Hong Kong Protest Assail ‘Brainwashing’ in Schools - WP

Thousands Protest China’s Plans for Hong Kong Schools - NYT

North Korea Dismisses Talk of Reform - BBC

Floods Kill 88, Cause Major Damage in North Korea - VOA

Floods in N. Korea Kill 88 and Leave Thousands Homeless - NYT

Japan: Thousands March in Tokyo Against Nuclear Power - VOA



After Pledge of Help for Euro, Pressure Is On for Bank Chief - NYT

Eurogroup Chair Sees Decisions Soon in Debt Crisis - AP

Support for Spain's PM Falls Sharply After New Austerity Steps - Reuters

Serbian Nationalist Takes Power in Serbia - VOA

Russian Supply Ship Docks with International Space Station - VOA

Romania Votes on Whether to Remove Its President - NYT

Romania President 'Survives' Vote - BBC

Romanian President Survives Impeachment Referendum - Reuters

Russians Face Trial for 'Punk Prayer' About Putin - Reuters

Russia’s Heavy Hand - WP editorial


South Asia

In India, Farmers Await the Rains - WP